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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Latheefa ticks off ignorant lawyer: Anwar willing to be subpoenaed but do it properly

Latheefa ticks off ignorant lawyer: Anwar willing to be subpoenaed but do it properly
We refer to press reports where the lawyer for the Defendant in the case of Hong Leong vs Low Thiam Hoe, counsel D. Paralingam had accused Anwar Ibrahim of purportedly refusing to accept a subpoena served on him on 28th March 2012.The subpoena is to compel Anwar to assist the court in a lawsuit against Hong Leong Finance Berhad, filed in 1998.
Contempt of Parlaiment
We are shocked at the ignorance displayed by the lawyer on basic and fundamental Parliamentary rules and privileges i.e. no summons nor court processes can be affected upon any Members of Parliament in the premises of the Parliament. The lawyer’s action to serve the subpoena at the Parliament premises was a wrongful act and may invite contempt of Parliamentary proceedings.
Anwar Ibrahim has no objection to receiving the said subpoena and is eveready to appear in court if its relevant, necessary and not an abuse of the court process. Anwar's lawyers would like to advise D Paralingam that there are proper etiquette to serve a subpoena on a Member of Parliament, what more the Opposition Leader. D. Paralingam may contact Messrs Daim & Gamany to fix an appointment in order to serve the subpoena if he is truly interested to call Anwar as a witness and not resort to unwarranted sensationalism.
Latheefa Koya is the Legal Bureau Director of Parti Keadilan Rakyat

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