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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Batu Caves condo - ignorance is not bliss

YOURSAY 'The doctrine of collective responsibility means that they (Kohilan and Kamalanathan) are bound by the council's decision whether or not they attended the meeting.'

'Duo not at meeting that okayed Batu Caves condo'

your sayPemerhati: If the duo (Deputy Foreign Minister A Kohilan Pillay and Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan) were part of the Selayang Municipal Council that approved the condo project but for some reason did not attend the particular meeting that approved the condo project, it does not mean that the duo were not aware that the project had been approved.

This is because as members of the council they would have got the minutes of the meeting soon after, which would have indicated that the project had been approved.

Now even if they were just earning ‘gaji buta' and did not attend most of the meetings and did not bother to read the minutes, they would have certainly heard of the approval of the massive project from the other members or other sources.

Why did they not kick up a fuss then?

Fair Play: If they did not attend the meeting, why so sure about Pakatan Rakyat being the culprits and raised a ruckus only to make a fool of themselves.

One more thing, do you understand the meaning of collective responsibility? Your absence proved your dereliction in discharging your duty. Your denial only made it worse. And you say you represent the Indian community?

Gerard Lourdesamy: So what if they didn't attend the meeting? The doctrine of collective responsibility means that they are bound by the council's decision, whether or not they attended the meeting.

If Kohilan and Kamalanathan were opposed to the project, shouldn't they have attended the meeting to register their strongest protest?

Their attitude confirms that in BN, even if you disagree, you don't vote against the proposal, but claim plausible denial by your non-attendance, because what Umno wants, it must get, and MIC and Gerakan are nothing but lap dogs.

Clongviews: The more that Kohilan and Kamalanathan or their proxies try to defend, the more mud will be thrown at them. Even if they were absent from the meeting, they are not absolved from their collective responsibility.

Surely they have the board papers prior to the meeting for them to express their opinion in writing to the president if they can't attend the meeting. And finally, they could still bring it up in the next board meeting if it is of important public concern.

Joker: The fact of the matter is, those two were on the board. It is irrelevant if they were at the meeting or not. That's the reason why they have minutes of the meeting.
One cannot expect to enjoy the perks and prestige of directorship without bearing the responsibilities that come with it.

Blind Freddo: This raises the question - why were they not present at the full board meeting?

An item of this significance would/should have been included on the agenda of the meeting and as those men are being paid to manage the affairs of MPS, they should have been present.

Indon Planter: They were absent on purpose just to escape from being implicated in this condo project that betray the Indian's trust. Being councillors, isn't that their responsibility to have knowledge of what transpired during meetings?

Anonymous #79199503: I believe that this project was raised and discussed at several council meetings. That means that Kohilan and Kamalnathan were frequently absent from council meetings?

Abasir: Even if they were not physically present, they would have known exactly what was going on. The meeting agenda, the minutes which would have recorded the discussion and decision, the talk among councillors after the approvalm etc.

The fact is they knew, and for reasons best known to them, they looked the other way.

In some approval cases I know, those who ultimately profit from the projects, leave the room citing potential conflict of interest but do so with the understanding that those inside the room will vote in favour of those who stepped outside for the record.

Odin: Whether the shameless liar and the equally shameless hand-kisser were present at the meeting is immaterial now.

What is is that the shameless liar first made a statement that not only implied that he knew a lot but also was a downright fabrication to put the opposition in a bad light, and then when he was shown to have lied, tried to extricate himself from the quicksand that he himself created.

Changeagent: Kohilan, when you falsely accused the Selangor government of approving the Dolomite condominium project near Batu Caves, they fronted up to the media and temple committee stakeholders to defend their innocence.

Then when your dishonesty is exposed and the tables turned against you, you feign ignorance by claiming that you were absent from the MPS full-board meeting which had approved the project. How convenient.

And yet, you and Kamalanathan have the gall to waste police resources by making frivolous police reports? What exactly are you guys reporting against anyway?

Be real men and face the music like the Pakatan government. Don't just run crying to the police. You're not supposed to have your cake and eat it too.

Swipenter: Every time I pass by Batu Caves I grumble to myself how on earth did the temple committee allowed that ugly administrative building to be built in such a location as to spoil the aesthetics and natural beauty of the caves.

The proposed 29-storey condo cannot do a better job than that ugly intrusive administrative building in spoiling the natural beauty of the Caves.

OMG!: In other countries, this deputy minister would have to resign or be sacked by the PM for making false accusations and holding a rally for nothing. Only in this country can he continue to talk nonsense and give flimsy excuses.

Jean Pierre: This gives a new meaning to ignorance is bliss. - Malaysiakini

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