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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Batu Caves condo is 'Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional'

YOURSAY 'The condo should proceed and a giant-sized billboard with the faces of the BN councillors who approved it be erected prominently...'

'DOE okayed condo after Dolomite gave solution' 

your sayDisgusted: Now there is a new twist to the whole story - the Department of Environment (DOE) gave its approval after the developer, Dolomite Sdn Bhd, gave an "engineering solution".

What was the engineering solution and why are BN leaders now protesting and putting the blame on Pakatan Rakyat? Isn't DOE also part of the civil service which answers to the federal government of the day viz the BN government.

Was their arms twisted to aid a crony to fulfill the project? Can DOE be trusted to be transparent and reveal all that had transpired honestly?

This reminds me of the auditor-general trying to soften the blow on BN when he described some controversial spending of the civil service when asked to clarify his report.

Boiling Mud: It is not about DOE's approval of the Batu Caves condominium project after a solution was given.

The core of the issue is to protect a cherished national heritage from greed. Why is MCA suddenly jumping onto the bandwagon to defend the project?

To begin with, the project should have been shot down even before it reached the drawing board.

Anonymous #55961902: These so-called politicians from BN are hopeless. They played up and capitalised on the 29-storey condo trying to gain back the support of the Indian community hoping they will vote Pakatan out in Selangor come GE13.

But their plan backfired. First, they said it was unsafe to build the condo because the caves could collapse. But now they said DOE has no objection and given its approval after Dolomite submitted their "engineering solution".

If so, why did MIC-BN stage a protest blaming Pakatan for approving the project when all the ground work and approval was done during BN's rule.

Knowing that the blame game did not work now, MIC-BN claimed that Batu Caves is a holy site and a heritage which must be protected. If MIC-BN is sincere, they should have objected to it in the very first instance, not now.

If this is not politics, I don't know what is. The voters can judge for themselves who is lying and who is not.

Changeagent: The BN-appointed Selayang councillors approved the development plans in 2007. The Batu Caves temple committee had no objections.

Ditto for the Department of Environment and the Minerals and Geoscience Department, which are under the jurisdiction of the BN federal government.

The former even went to the extent of issuing the necessary certification and permission. But of course, if we listen to Housing and Local Government Minister Chor Chee Heung, Pakatan are equally to blame for the whole fiasco.

Abasir: Stick to the facts and to the law as it is today. If the proposed development complies with all requirements, it should proceed and a giant-sized billboard with the faces of the BN councillors who approved it be erected prominently with the words ‘Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional'.

Swipenter: So all technical requirements are met and that was why the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) under Selangor BN approved the project. Where were MIC and the Batu Caves Temple Committee then, but which now have fierce objections to the project.

These two parties cannot claim ignorance of the project since there were MIC councillors in MPS. The more Selangor BN/MIC/temple committee try to shift the blame to Selangor Pakatan, the more they reveal their hands in approving or having no objection to the project.

How convenient now of them to claim that the project is destroying the aesthetic value and religious sanctity of Batu Caves. If so, why no objections from MIC and the temple committee to the project in the first place but instead it (MIC) was party to the approval?

My conclusion is that personal self-interest in the project overrode the aesthetic values and religious sanctity of Batu Caves. Now they are playing dirty politics with the project.

That is how MIC and the temple committee look after the interests of Indians.

Holden: It looks like no party is blameless. Why did councillors vote if they were not in possession of full facts. What kind of decision making is that? How is that service to the people?

It would appear that like the BN government, the Pakatan government is more intent on pleasing the developers. Or appeared to be more afraid of them.

Black Mamba: Chor, I know M Kulasegaran personally since the day he returns from United Kingdom with a law degree. He is no ruffian as claimed by you.

In fact, he is ever the gentleman unlike you and your lots in MCA who are a bunch of thugs in disguise. He has every right to pose you questions as an MP from the opposition bench and these are valid questions.

By putting the blame on Selangor and the MB, you are no different yourself when you as the housing minister can just revoke the sales and advertising permit with just a stroke of your pen. Of course, be prepared to be sued by the developer.
Headhunter: What "engineering solution"? They can make the building invisible? At the end of the day, it was BN which approved it.

They should have shut up, instead of trying to pin the blame on Pakatan. Serves them right for lying and trying to score political mileage from it.

I hope the Indians do wake up and know whom they should support in the coming general election.

Up2U: When you tell a lie, you have to tell many more lies to cover the lie. When you twist a fact, you have to continue twisting and twisting until the fact vanish.
However, others will not allow the fact to go away. Simple, is it not? - Malaysiakini

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