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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'BN flying in voters? It's all in Khalid's mind'

SELANGOR The state BN has consigned a claim - that it is flying in voters from Sabah to reinforce its electoral chances in the state - to the ‘wild imagination’ of PKR’s Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

"That is in his wild imagination. What a desperado claim," responded deputy election director Mohd Zin Mohamed at a press conference in Shah Alam today.

NONEHe was asked to comment on allegations by Khalid (right)and Selangor PAS that legions of voters from Sabah or Sarawak are being flown into boost BN's attempt to recapture the state.

Such a "mass mobilisation of voters", said Mohd Zin, would require massive effort and movements that cannot be easily hidden.

"It is like moving seven battalions to Sabah. They have to arrive somewhere - let's say the KLIA LCCT - then you have to gather them, transport them, and house them. Have you seen such things (in Selangor)? If not then it is only in his wild imagination. 

"If they are voters that we want to vote for us, we would have to psyche them up with singing the Inilah Barisan song and hold speeches to prepare them."

Such an undertaking, if it is indeed happening, would be too huge to keep under wraps, he added.

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