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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EC probing reports on indelible ink

It's deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar says the commission is attempting to verify reports that the indelible ink could be washed off within minutes
PETALING JAYA: The Elections Commission is investigating reports that the indelible ink, which was supposed to last seven days, could be washed away within minutes with water.
“It’s too early to comment. We are still in the midst of verifying the authenticity of the story,” said EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.
Earlier today, Negeri Sembilan PAS alleged that military officers who cast their ballots today were able to wash away the ink marked on their index fingers within 20 minutes.
Negeri Sembilan PAS secretary Mohammad Hassan claimed that he has photographic evidence showing military officers in Telok Kemang being able to wash off the ink mark.
“About 9.30 this morning, the first batch of the early voters finished casting ther ballots and came out of the polling centre.
“Our monitoring agents found several military officers washing away the ink at the sink and the mark disappeared.
“Based on our checks, we found that 95% of the ink could be washed away in no time,” Mohamad was reported saying.
Mohammad also claimed that he received information from a military officer who claimed that he could wash away the indelible ink mark by lunch time.
Meanwhile, PKR vice-president, Nurul Izzah Anwar, said she lodged a police report after a military personnel showed her how the ink could be removed using a disinfectant.
Asked by a Twitter follower on the authenticity of the claim, she said: “The ink was slowly removed in front of us and the media.”
The indelible ink, the EC initially said, when marked on a finger, would last for at least seven days to prevent double voting.
The EC said it had stocked up about 200,000 bottles of  indelible ink for use in the 13th general election on Sunday, May 5.

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