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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BN’S GE13 CAMPAIGN FLOPS: Self-inflicted failures & Najib's inability to think

BN’S GE13 CAMPAIGN FLOPS: Self-inflicted failures & Najib's inability to think
For a moment, let us take two, sit back and check things out logically. Cut the emotional temptations for a moment. Forget about the opposition party coalition, their allegations, some of the proofs they produced beyond doubt, their ceramahs and what have you.
Just take BN’s actions and inactions. It is no small wonder why even a humble security guard shakes his head as he ponders aloud in disbelief,“Apa sudah jadi sama ini BN?”.
Yes, what exactly is happening to BN? That is what is most puzzling – especially when it had the unique advantage of being at the control box of governance for well over five decades.
All the wrong decisions
Here is what is even puzzling the staunch supporters and fence-sitters:
Why did the PM not take the Altantuya’s case by the horn from the very start and demand on behalf of all concerned citizens including our Mongolian friends, answers to all the pivotal questions surrounding her mysterious murder?
Why did he as the man at the helm of the nation not demand and ensure that the justice that is to be dispensed is universally acceptable and dealt with within reasonably acceptable time frames?
Why did he allow by virtue of his silence, his spouse to launch a website that had to be removed only after public outcry?
Why did he as the President of his political party allow the screaming of “Over our dead bodies and crushed bones!” long before even when Malaysians were not thinking of GE-13? Why did he allow others to raise the kris in a militant and threatening manner? Was there no other civilized and honorable means to express support and defense for party allegiance and priorities?
Why did the PM start that band-wagon of campaign-appeals with the credo of “You help me, I help you”? Why could he not think of something to the effect of “Only with your support, we can serve you better”?
And why is BN now threatening on the last lap of the election’s campaign that if the voters do not bring back BN, they the rakyat will stand to lose everything? Why couldn’t BN say, “We want to be able to finish doing all the good things we have begun for you. So your vote can enable us to do just that – help us to fulfill our promises”?
Instead, they went on that sweeping, senseless beat, “Promises Fulfilled!” and ended up with the rakyat asking what have you fulfilled? Why couldn’t BN paint the streets red with something more humble like, “we may not be perfect, but we are determined to correct as we move on with you”?
And in the first place why did BN allow an extremist block to holler unrestrained, fiery threats anchored on race and religion divisiveness? And to add salt to frayed wounds, BN even at the eleventh hour put two names on the nomination list.
And if that was not enough, BN further saw no evil, spoke no evil and heard no evil when someone from their den publicly proclaimed that the two nominated candidates are also part of BN’s flock.
Over-reliance on expensive half-baked publicists, advisers
It is also unbelievable why on earth is BN spending so much money paying all kinds of publicists and political campaign advisers when each action or inaction by BN is bringing more brick bats to its turf? Why?
When Bersih took to the streets, BN could have harnessed the people’s power and used it optimally. But somehow it took the opposite turn, taunting and brutalizing the rakyat, only to be confirmed by SUHAKAM that there was excessive use of brute force on civilians.
BN had every golden opportunity to swing the pendulum and become the people’s hero despite so many civilized invitations for dialogue. But it did not. Instead butt-performances went unchecked. Why?
Even so late in the hour, it continues to peddle the same smut stories; the same old labels on the opposition front leaders; the same heart-wrenching threats on the voters. It seems not to want to subscribe to the principle of leadership by example. Why?
It's simple, Najib can't think for himself
While on the one hand BN leaders are singing Do-re-me successes that BN has created all these years, they are also giving out rice bags, T-shirts and caps, free food, cash, very expensive entertainment and what have you in every nook and corner of the nation to show that they are coming to aid the rakyat (though not commensurate with all the huge profits raked by monopolies and cronies, yeah), as we have been suffering from long years of hardships.
BN had every opportunity to take the thunder off the opposition by being the first to announce their manifesto. But they did not. They criticized the Orange Book by the opposition pact, but ended up announcing similar benefits for the rakyat. Why?
There was expose after expose from international organizations and outfits on the alleged corruption in East Malaysia. BN had every opportunity to push for a clean, fair and quick investigation and not wait for an NGO to expose the filth. But it did not. Why?
For years the people have been complaining of the influx of naturalized foreigners in Sabah. BN could have cleaned and mopped up the stains and not wait till an RCI had to pressed on. And now when the shit hit the ceilings, BN even allowed one man to get away with the atrocious claim that even Bapa Malaysia had allowed it. Why?
Mat Rempits were terrorizing the streets and BN instead of being firm on the scourge, went the full distance to embrace them. And today, Mat Rempits terrorize opposition ceramahs. How come?
It's the rakyat's fault now!
These are the questions that people are trading on the ground - not the full blast of advertisements and campaign promotions on TV, Radio and the print press.
Oh yes. In fact the reverse is happening. People are now asking why is BN pumping so much money in all these advertisements? And BN should also not be surprised that people are now asking, “whose money is BN spending and does it come with the rakyat’s approval?”
Why is BN doing all these to itself? So if BN loses in the GE-13, do we blame the Opposition leaders or do we blame the ‘ungrateful rakyat’? And even if BN wins, how will it go down amongst those who had voted otherwise?
Already the international media is beginning to say many not so nice things about BN these days despite all the money paid to foreign publicists.
Now how do we explain all these? Maybe there has to be some truth in the ancient wisdom which says: Your wealth does not stay with you beyond two generations.

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