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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Like sireh, BN will spit the Indians out, too

YOURSAY 'The sireh analogy used by Perkasa veep Zulkifli Noordin is spot on, because after you chew the sireh, you spit it out.'

Zul Noordin peddles 1M'sia sireh to Indians

your sayNipah: "Marupiravi (rebirth), mannipom (forgive)" - it is shameful and disgusting of BN candidate for Shah Alam Zulkifli Noordin to utter these holy Indian words.

He was more than sober during his speech insulting the Indians and their religion including sending a clear message to get out of the country since they are "pendatangs". Watch the videoagain and observe his evil, egoistic expression.

He even condemned the party that taught him clean politics, to unite all Malaysians irrespective race, religion and social standing and be transparent without fear and favour. He blamed others for his ‘haram' actions. He was sacked from PAS because of his evil intentions and for going against the party's principles.

How can you forgive Zulkifli Noordin; throwing shoes at him would be a waste of time.

Yours Truly: The sireh analogy used by Perkasa veep Zulkifli Noordin is spot on, because after you chew the sireh, you spit it out. BN uses the Indians and after that spits them out too. So after 55 years, the Indians remain backward.

Faz: Zul is an enigma and a chameleon. Looking at his political track record, it is not much different from his Perkasa boss, Ibrahim Ali; with a lot of jumping from one ship to another at his whim and fancy.

He is not 'reborn' but changes temporarily to suit the occasion. The above statements of his are basically the domain of Umno-BNputras, conveniently blaming Pakatan Rakyat for his racist tendencies.

Nadarajan Rengasamy: Now Zul is putting the blame on PAS for the wrong that he has done to the Indians. He is basically saying that the Malays from PAS made him say what he has said to the Indians.

This guy has been using the racial card to even run down his own people (the Malays) just to get the Indian votes. He's got no backbone. The Malays should reject Zul and ensure a principled person like PAS incumbent Khalid Samad wins.

Casey919: First you insult the Hindus. Now you insult the residents of Shah Alam as "sinners". What's next, Zul?

Aries46: Hindus or Indians who show support or associate with this hardcore racist are there mostly for the rice and provisions handouts given out by BN. But more than that, they hang around for the RM20 that is expected to be given out for their votes.

Decent Indians normally shun such trash and they maintain a respectable distance. They wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole as even the air around him is considered foul.

Caretaker deputy minister S Saravanan says that Indians will not support this race-baiting bigot, but is this his personal view or his party's official stand? Or is he saying it because his chief G Palanivel does not have what it takes to stand up for his race and religion?

Regardless of the paltry bribes, Hindus and Indians who vote for Zulkifli are doing a disservice to their race and religion.

Knight Rider: BN has insulted the non-Muslims by nominating Zulkifli Noordin and by not putting up a candidate against Ibrahim Ali. These people with their message of hate and malice against non-Muslims are the products of the abuse of the New Economic Policy and the idea, not ideal, of Malay supremacy.

Umno has no respect for the non-Muslims. Remember the time when their kind took the head of a slaughtered cow to their public demonstration against a Hindu temple?

There was a time when there was a mutual tolerance and respect that people of different religions were able to have their places of worship near or even next to one another.

What would have happened if non-Muslims had defiled the Quran in public? You would see riots, arrests, and detention without trial. Where is the fairness?

Happy Holidays Kaki: Putting up both Perkasa ultra extremists Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin as candidates for BN is such a ‘no no' in this election, that BN is no doubt heading for a wipeout among the Hindu voters.

I wonder whether BN has any sense of what the voters really want, other than to hand out government money and goodies now and promise to do the same if they win.

These two candidates will definitely put off a lot of the fence-sitters and they will likely vote for Pakatan Rakyat. The more generous Hindus might forgive but they will never forget what he has done.

P.Dev Anand Pillai: The Indians will be the greatest idiots for voting candidates who have continuously ridiculed them.
Never forget the cow's head incident. Now you even have one of those who were involved in it as one of your state candidates in the Shah Alam constituency - see what your ‘nambikei' (trust) has given you?

Shanmugam: Manipom marakamatom: forgive but don't forget. Umno is Perkasa and Perkasa is Umno. Every vote for BN is a vote for Perkasa. Which is better, PAS or Perkasa? Ask Zulkifli. Do you want to vote for a religious person or a racist?

Lim Chong Leong: And what stops him from being ‘reborn' again as a racist after the elections? The point is he is a known bigot and racist.

He can change now when it is convenient, but there is no guarantee that he would not change back. Beware the devil, he comes in many guises. - Malaysiakini

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