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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Southern College head apologises over BN do

Southern College president Thock Kiah Wah has publicly apologised over a raucous BN function which took place on campus grounds last night.

Eye-witnesses claim that BN supporters had swarmed the campus and behaved in an unruly manner, revving their motorcycle engines and storming the stage.

Two female student volunteers at the event claim told Malaysiakinithat they were molested by BN supporters during the event.

Following this, 200 students staged a protest on campus today and confronted Thock to demand an apology for allowing the function to take place.

When repeatedly questioned by the disgrunted students, Thock said that the students were not aware of the complexities involving society and politics.

He initially refused demands for him to "apologise to society" but later relented.

"Yesterday, I already apologised to (students in private). Today I'm apologising to everyone. Today, I am apologising again. 

"Over this incident, I'm deeply remorseful. I apologise to everyone and to society. Is this okay?" he said.
[More to follow]

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