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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mahathir, no one believes you any more

YOURSAY 'You have lost all credibility. You have lost all integrity. You have lost all respect. You have lost all dignity.'

In Putrajaya, Dr M doesn't skimp on sexual innuendos

your sayVersey: This satanic old fox is getting more and more unbecoming and disgusting that his foul mouth brings great shame to all right and reasonable thinking Malaysians.

When he talked about "This ‘dirty' work stinks, how could one do such thing? So people like this cannot be prime minister", it is a precise description of no other person than this wicked ex-premier himself.

Shame on him and his family. It is nigh time that someone in his family should do their best to put a bridle on his mouth.

Hang Tuah: I attended Dr Mahathir Mohamad's ceramah, too, though I am neutral. My friends were there too. Many people are saying, "Ini dah terlampau."

If you believe in Allah, how come you are behaving this way. If this is the way you conduct your campaign, BN and Umno will be finished. Mind you, many Umno members also do not agree with the way you conducted the ceramah.

Jiminy Qrikert: The court has cleared Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim. The rakyat have embraced Anwar as PM-in-waiting. Anwar has forgiven Mahathir for sending him to jail for six years.

Anwar has emerged from this incarceration stronger than ever. There is nothing that Mahathir can now say or do that will stop Anwar's march to Putrajaya. Anwar will be PM come May 6.

Tholu: Tun, you have lost the moral high ground to talk about the morality of others when you have resorted to cheap and shameful character assassination instead of debating and countering the opposition's argument on pertinent policy matters that would mould the social and economic future of this country.

To you, the future of Malaysia seems to revolve only around sexual activities. Is the corruption, abuse of power, cronyism and nepotism (by which one of your children became the 13th richest man in Malaysia) which you passionately pursued, pristine acts of morality?

And to think you were once the prime minister of this nation. Shame on you.

CQ Muar: Mahathir will go down in history as Malaysia's dirtiest former PM ever. This dictator is getting more senile by the day, most definitely caused by fear as the GE gets nearer.

He knows his so-called power and all the crimes will come to an abrupt end, followed by long arms of the law in which he will be penalised accordingly. The majority of the rakyat are looking forward to this day when Mahathir, his cronies and all at Umno will be punished.

The evils and crimes are way too complex to elaborate - therefore, this nation reserves the right to put an end to all those responsible so that this country will be free and democratic which it rightfully deserves.

May the wishes of the rakyat be blessed and answered in order that we can proudly stand as one, Malaysians with dignity and honour, free of racism. Therefore, let's pool our resources and attention towards a better tomorrow - terminate the corruptible leeches once and for all, vote for change on May 5.

Cala: Indeed, author Barry Wain (2009, 2012) was correct in his assessment of Umno. After ruling Malaysia for so many years, the ruling elites have been accustomed to act for themselves that they have lost the vision they preached when they first started.

So Umno is now a party without any idea and direction of what they should do next. For clue, see the everyday rhetoric and rumblings of Mahathir.

Talk about corruption, the easiest way to appreciate the magnitude of abuse of power is in the award of independent power plants (IPPs) licences during Mahathir's tenure. I remember reading the annual operating profit of some two dozens of them, each making anything from RM200 million to RM800 million a year. Check it up yourself.

One religious ex-TNB chairperson refused to partake in the scheme when he said he did not want future Malaysians to urinate on his grave.

AnakPinang: At 87, this man is still unrepentant. Engaging in gutter politics, using the lowest common denominator and harping on the past grievances speak of a petty, spiteful and vengeful character - one which till today has only venom to spew.

Mahathir may be an old man, but age has not watered the evil in his character. He claims he will not be PM forever, but the rakyat know better.

Anwar was acquitted of charges, yet this Muslim dredges up smut and innuendos to humiliate and shame. To those of you who had voted for this monster, I hope you are ashamed.

Ghkok: Mahathir, no one believes you any more. You have lost all credibility. You have lost all integrity. You have lost all respect. You have lost all dignity.

You continue to slander (fitnah) a much respected, pious, dignified and competent leader called Anwar, who have tons of integrity more than you. You slandered, tortured, humiliated and persecuted him, and yet he chose not to seek vengeance.

Such is the character of the person. In 2004, Amnesty International declared Anwar a prisoner of conscience. Mahathir, it's time for you to look for your own conscience, for surely even you have some of that.

Omega: Anwar can never be clean as long as he is in Umno. When he was sacked and arrested, I thought that he was a goner for good. But despite of all the odds stacked against him, he bounced back strongly as the leader of Pakatan.

This is no fluke and money cannot buy this, Anwar has to be a person made of strong substance in order to pull through all these. So how can you say he is not fit to lead us? How many of us can actually survived what Anwar had gone through?

Billy The Kid: Anwar's sexual orientation is not important to me, Mahathir. I am very much concerned about how our national leaders run this country.

Talking about corruption and manipulation in politics, you are the very person who has mastered it all. Don't try to hoodwink the rakyat anymore. Billions of dollars of enriching yourself, family and cronies not enough?

Mohican: What an unforgiving, vindictive, irreligious, irrepressible and self-centered character who is in a mighty hurry to save the ill-begotten loot stolen from the people.

He is afraid if somebody else is the PM, he and his children will be exposed and his followers will end up in jail.

Abasir: I am sure that he shares jokes of a sexual nature with his grandchildren. He has no qualms doing so. He is the reason Islam in Malaysia is perceived as a religion obsessed with sex and nothing else. - Malaysiakini

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