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Friday, August 30, 2013

Anwar urges dialogue with BN

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim today urged that an open dialogue be held between the government and the opposition in order to address pertinent national issues.

NONE"We are proposing that we have an open dialogue, its going to be transparent and conducive," he said after giving his Merdeka address at PKR headquarters this morning.

He, however, said that the call for a dialogue is not equal to a proposal for an unity government proposal.

"Dialogues like these happen in any proper democracy," he said.
Anwar raised his concerns over what he described as increasing religious and racial tension in the country, which he feels needs to be addressed urgently.

"Also there is the issue of rising crime. Crime affects almost every rakyat in this country," he said.

'Pakatan getting over GE13'

Anwar said that although Pakatan Rakyat won the popular vote in the last general elections, it is now ready to let go of the tensions surrounding the election results and move on with nation building.

He described the current state of race relations in the country as "precarious".

"Umno leaders must not think from the old mindset any longer. We (the opposition) have a stronger presence after the elections, and we won the popular vote, so the least we could get is that our voice is heard," he said.

"We can assure that it will be a reasoned discourse," he added.

Earlier, in his Merdeka Day address, Anwar asked the rakyat to reflect if the basic foundations in the Rukun Negara are still being defended and adhered to in the current political and social climate of the country.

"After 56 years of independence, we are still far from reaching our goals as a nation," he said.

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