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Friday, August 30, 2013

Israel link in Endless Possibilities & 1Malaysia: How can it be COINCIDENCE

Israel link in Endless Possibilities & 1Malaysia: How can it be COINCIDENCE
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, once suspended from parliament for claiming that the '1Malaysia' branding was inspired by a similar tagline by Israeli leaders, has questioned the government's latest slogan "Endless Possibilities" after revelation that the phrase is also used by the Israeli tourism ministry.
Saying it could not be coincidence, Anwar urged prime minister Najib Razak to explain.
“Now we have enough evidence. Similar to 'One Israel' campaign. Najib must explain. Now it is more dire. It can’t be a coincidence,” he said yesterday.
The Prime Minister’s Department had earlier said that the government launched the campaign in January, months before Israel adopted the same tagline.
But the Israeli tourism ministry started using ‘Endless Possibilities’ in April this year, while in Malaysia, it would be only launched on September 17.
In 2010, amid a controversy over Najib's hiring of an Israeli-linked public relations giant Apco Worldwide to prop up his image, a discover of the 'One Israel' slogan by former Israeli leader Ehud Barak provided plenty of ammunition to cynics.
Anwar had then told parliament that Apco played a similar advisory role in conceptualising Barak's campaign, a charge strongly denied by the public relations giant, whose list of clients is populated by dictators and governments suffering from legitimacy issues among their peoples.

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