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Friday, August 30, 2013

'Small matter' Kamalanathan gets big drubbing

DAP national vice chairman Kula Segaran has criticised Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan for belittling the victims of SK Seri Pristina incident.

NONEThe Ipoh Barat MP said Kamalanathan (right) calling the incident "a small matter" on Thursday, was a reversal of his earlier position. 

"When the issue erupted, Kalamanathan was quick to apologise for the headmaster. So why has he now been so slow on the investigation outcome when public anger has been growing as the incident escalates?" he asked in a press statement.

Kulasegaran also said that both Kalamanathan and his boss Muhyiddin Yassin were not fit to hold office if they did not act on perpetrators of the SK Seri Pristina incident, which had led to some students leaving the school.

"When Parliament meets next month, I shall ask the prime minister to revoke the appointment of Muhyiddin and Kalamanathan as education minister and deputy minister respectively as both are obviously unfit to hold the two positions," he added.
NONEKulasegaran (left) was the second DAP member to chide the Education Ministry for its inaction over the SK Seri Pristina incident. 

On Thursday, DAP MP Teresa Kok also took Muhyiddin to task for his silence, which was seen as contributing to "rising racism" at the school.

The Sungai Buloh school came under the spotlight during Ramadan this year, when it was alleged that its non-Muslim students were supposedly forced to eat in the changing room.

Kamalanathan had explained on July 24 after visiting the school that the decision was made much earlier in March because the canteen was being renovated.

But when confronted by angry parents that day claiming that the decision was in fact made at the beginning of the fasting month, he pledged that the ministry would investigate the matter.

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