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Friday, January 30, 2015

Gangsters, death threats, now MIC man with gun

Just days after receiving death threats and being confronted by gangsters, M Saravanan admits to carrying a Glock handgun for the past 15 years.
MIC with Gun2KUALA LUMPUR: The drama surrounding MIC took a surprising turn when a photograph of its Vice President M Saravanan, clearly seen with a gun tucked into his belt, began circulating on Facebook.
According to a report on Malaysiakini, the photograph was apparently taken on Wednesday at the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur where Saravanan scheduled a press conference.
Although saying the Glock handgun was licensed and that he had been carrying it for 15 years, the photograph of Saravanan, who is also Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, bearing the firearm is one that has not gone down too well with many.
Saravanan reminded reporters say that there was nothing wrong in carrying a licensed firearm and that he renewed the license every year,
A little worrying however was Saravanan’s statement that the weapon was usually kept in his car, “But on that day, it was in the holster and I believe that during the commotion, my coat moved a little, exposing the gun’s grip.”
The “day” in question was the day of the press conference that turned chaotic and dangerous when 20 hired thugs barred his entry into the building and two callers issued a death threat over the phone as the press conference was in progress.
At a suggestion that he deliberately wore the gun that particular day to intimidate the gangsters lying in wait, Saravanan told Malaysian Insider, “It is nothing like that.
“My coat moved a bit and the gun’s grip showed. I have been carrying a gun for the last 15 years, did not point it to anyone. So how can I threaten anyone?”
Saravanan is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with president G Palanivel who he is incensed with for sacking him as state chairman, a move that in his opinion was unconstitutional.
Wednesday’s press conference was also called by Saravanan to spill the beans on how the president had obtained his post and to “tell the real story” behind the internal strife at MIC.

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