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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hamas Kena Tipu Pak Arab, Turning Towards Israel Pula !!

Relationships are so complicated in the Middle East.

After the last Gaza war, the Arabs, the UN etc convened a big conference in Cairo. They pledged billions of US Dollars in aid for Gaza. The reconstruction of damaged houses alone required US720 million. 

However todate (the Arabs who made the pledge) have only coughed up US$135 million. 

Even this US135 million is not getting to the Palestinians whose homes were destroyed.  Some of the Hamas guys are selling the aid materials on the black market.

Pak Arab tipu sama Pak Arab. Here is some news :

Hamas Desperate to Renew Talks With Israel After PA, UN Funding Slows
  • 96,000 Palestine homes damaged / destroyed during conflict 
  • US $720 million required to address this need
  • To date received only US $135 million in pledges
  • leaving a shortfall of US $585 million. 
  • Hamas confiscated construction materials donated by intn'l community
  • materials turning up on Hamas black market
  • sold at premium prices,” Zahran charged
  • Hamas funneled over US$300 million to weapons and military 
  • freeze on funding from Palestinian Authority (PA), halted UN funds
  • Hamas urgently wants to restore indirect talks with Israel, NRG News reported 
  • Hamas' Osama Hamdan admitted trying to resume negotiations with Israel 
  • on Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV, Hamdan said members went to Egypt 
  • to promote meeting with Israeli negotiators 
  • negotiations were suspended by Egypt in October.
  • after attack killed 30 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai, a Hamas operation
  • Egypt demolished 13-km of housing, evacuated thousand people along border
  • to build security barrier against Hamas
The Egyptians have demolished Palestinian houses along a 13 km stretch of border with Gaza to build a security zone. This is to prevent the Hamas guys building tunnels under the border to smuggle weapons and other stuff.
The Egyptians got pissed off after an attack in the Sinai killed 30 Egyptian soldiers last year - which they blame on terrorists linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
The other Arab countries are also reneging on their pledge to help rebuild Gaza. They need US720 million for house construction. Only US135 million has been received. Then parts of this US135 million are being siphoned out by the cronies and the powerful. Its the same story.
So now out of desperation, Hamas is reaching out to the Israelis who do allow the import of all essential items needed for the reconstruction of Gaza. Things are really complicated in the Middle East. My advice always is - jangan kita masuk campur.

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