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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Man shot point blank in public as he eats

CCTV footage captures entire sequence of hitman walking into fast food restaurant and shooting an unsuspecting customer in the back of his head.
shotPANAMA: A spine-chilling CCTV recording has been released by police showing how an unsuspecting customer at a fast food restaurant in Panama is shot in the back of his head by a hitman as he eats his meal.
In the video, posted on Daily Mail UK, a dark skinned man holding a gun is seen calmly walking into Tiriton restaurant, right up to the table where a man in a blue T-shirt, identified by police later as Jacob Van Der Hart, 35, is eating his meal with a companion, Colombian Humberto Antonio Acosta.
Taking his time, and taking aim, the hitman fires at point blank range, hitting Van Der Hart in the back of his head, and calmly stays on to watch as the victim falls off his chair onto the floor from the impact of the shot.
The CCTV was released by police in the hunt for the hitman, who police later said continued to keep his calm after the shooting, as he walked out of the restaurant to a waiting motorbike outside to make his escape.
Unbelievable as it looks, Van Der Hart was not killed in the shooting but is fighting for his life in the Intensive Care Unit of Santo Tomas Hospital.
Police in Panama have not made any arrests as yet.

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