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Saturday, January 31, 2015

MAHATHIR VS NAJIB: Umno unleashes new bout of 'kinky' sex & 'virgin' girls

MAHATHIR VS NAJIB: Umno unleashes new bout of 'kinky' sex & 'virgin' girls
Malaysia has always been called the land of the can; or can-land (Malaysia Boleh). 'Crude' things like sex, sex, sex does not escape the watchful eyes of those in the Corridors of Power.
Simple sex like the missionary style only gets a yawn, while sodomy (still cannot bring myself to describe it to my kids, when they asked) seems to be international headlines in this god-forsaken nation; with impending judgement day for its first victim on the 10thFeb 2015. Being sodomized is not a crime, but being an alleged sodomist, can get you into a lot of trouble, especially if you are on the wrong side of the fence.
And if sodomy doesn’t take the cake as the mother of all depravity in the art of reproduction, then comes along another juicier tale. Young virgin girls galore! Only USD10 thousand a piece for a certified virgin! Isn’t that a little too hard to swallow? Hasn’t Daim heard of clinics that can repair virginity in technologically advanced first world countries like Cambodia-the birthplace of Angkor Wat?
Is Mahathir backing Saiful?
Dr M
So it isn’t surprising of PKR Shamsul Iskandar to ask the most curious question going through the minds of Malaysians – is Daim and Dr Mahathir behind Saiful? No, no, they didn’t touch him. What it means is; were they backing Saiful to sue Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim?
And what is with this subtle news article of Saiful complaining about his wife’s short stint in TV3? Apparently, she resigned because she didn’t want to be a part of PKR’s attack on Daim. But how does that constitutes as a news spoof???! Who really wants to know about Saiful’s sorry life’s episode anyway? He has already earned himself such a dubious reputation, that most people would avoid him like the plague.
But if what Shamsul claims is true, this whole sodomy episode may take another demented twist in the depravity scale. It is public knowledge that Saiful met Najib before sodomy charges were laid against Anwar, but Saiful and Mahathir? That’s something completely new, but how did that old doctor get himself entangled in this web of intricate deception?
Whatever the answer, and it's bound to be convoluted, only assholes will go that low to use deceptive tactics like sodomy or 'virgin girls' to corner their adversaries. Shameful that there are so many cronies who would love to kiss their...er...feet... just to get a slice of the cake?
Anwar has been dragged through the mud on the weight of incredulous sodomy allegations and his enemies seem to think that sodomy is the perfect weapon to discredit and erase him from the nation’s political scene.
Will Daim be the fall-guy?

These two shady characters, Daim and Dr Mahathir have always been larger than life, and I am not talking about their little ‘willies’, but their public image. The spat between them and Anwar is not exactly a trade secret, if Anwar is intent on ‘telling all’ to MACC - whose professional credibility is reportedly nothing short of the ICAC, Hong Kong.
Daim must have a lot of secrets to hide as his public life is now being splashed in the media and on TV, keeping the presses steaming hot and excited. Are they going to crucify him, or merely pressuring him to stand down? If not why retain the ‘see all and tell all’ video, instead of releasing it for the world to see?
if the video is released, would Daim be prosecuted like Anwar? But sex with virgins isn’t exactly a crime, is it? And what is there to stop Daim from doing another Lingam-Ibrahim Ali: “looks like me, sounds like me, but I’m not too sure, it’s me.” Anyway, the allegations are just the precursor to an investigation into Daim’s sordid past, which would put Najib in a very favourable position and a trump card against Mahathir.
Mahathir-Najib feud
Dr M and PM Najib
It is no secret that Mahathir intends to depose Najib Tun Razak and some deadwood residing in Umno. He is also fighting another front against Anwar. It is also no secret that Najib is fighting back, with Daim as the latest pawn in the war of the Umno giants? Has Daim that many skeletons in his closets, not to mention his’ kinky sex life’ as well? Will implicating Daim thwart Mahathir’s grand plans?
Why go after Najib, when he has always been the perfect Prime Minister doing everything else, except developing the country and uniting the people? Even Rosmah deserves a clap for distracting him from the ‘sad realities’ that exist in this country. If Anwar should become PM some day, he’s going to be the exact opposite of Najib; develop the country and turns it into a democratic nation, rooting out all the massive corruption and wastages, banish the religious zealots and abolish the extremist groups.
Mahathir is better off with Najib, who seems to echo his policies, than Anwar at the helm. Oops,...of course there’s that young shiny headed Mukhriz; but he’s too inexperienced in running the country, and he would be bird-feed for other warlords to devour, when Mahathir is no longer around.
If Daim goes down, it will be because of his own scandalous faults, and nobody is going to feel sorry for him, while others will swoop down like vultures to pick off some of his accumulated wealth. But Daim’s fall may ricochet back on Mahathir, and the old man can be the next in line to face the guillotine?
The land of sensational sex scandals
And in the land of the can, even though corruption allegations may not get you, your kinky sex habits certainly will, if you allow yourself to be video recorded, like in the ‘soiled legs’ case.
So, let’s get back to our juicy story and let the giants fight among themselves. There is an urban legend that says, that making out with a virgin, can enhance your ability to live longer by as much as 10 extra days. So, having 100 virgins can give you 1000 days of extra life, which works out to be about 3 extra years to live. So what is USD10K if you are a billionaire?
But having a personal physician to check the authenticity of a virgin certainly does raise eyebrows? For sure, he is not going to check for AIDS, Vietnam rose, syphilis or any other sexually transmitted diseases, after all she’s a virgin, right??! But will his personal physician check and certify that she is not under aged as well, which could make him a paedophile?
Anyway, it is just shallow accusations, and we doubt there will be any Saiful wannabee’s out there willing to testify against him in an international court of law, since these virgins were allegedly procured in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.
But seriously, what is with all these political leaders and their deviant sex habits? We thought in an Islamic Malaysia, Muslims are well brought up to shun sex, live like monks and nuns until marriage do us part and all that kind of stuff? Where are our religious authorities going to hide their faces, for their failure to educate Muslims on the ‘right stuff’?! And why are they silent on such misbehaviour, preferring to give stupid statements like; it’s all right to cane our wives?
Why is Mahathir so fearful of Anwar?
Why does Mahathir fear so much at the thought of Anwar becoming the Prime Minister? Will Anwar sodomize the whole country? Don’t take that too literally, as it simply means; will he take our country for a ride by playing our back?
Actually, for Mahathir there is really nothing left to lose, unless he get’s to live for another fifty years?! But who knows; with today’s shattering state of the art technology to prolong life and with his stashed billions?! Even for Daim, there’s still hope.
It is only the poor people like us that don’t deserve to be frozen in a time capsule, waiting for the technology that will give us everlasting life or pay a billion ringgit for a cup from the fountain of youth that was discovered recently by Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Even that story came with a beautiful naked virgin mermaid and her tears. Of course, she’s a virgin; after all she can’t open her legs, can she??
So let’s sit back, put on a brave face, cross our fingers and be positive for our future. - MAILBAG

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