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Friday, January 30, 2015

Hiding behind Anwar won't save Najib from Dr M's wrath: Putting ROSMAH on a 'proper leash' might

Hiding behind Anwar won't save Najib from Dr M's wrath: Putting ROSMAH on a 'proper leash' might
Some Umno leaders feel that the spat between the supporters of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Najib Razak has come to a stage which could be detrimental to Umno. It is true but actually in the end it is the ‘rakyat’ or populace who will have to shoulder the burden.
In the beginning, Najib’s camp was more on the receiving side with Dr. Mahathir taking the lead. In other words, Dr. Mahathir started it first. When Najib could not bear it anymore, his supporters retaliated. While Dr. Mahathir has his points and valid reasons to criticize Najib and give his opinion, it is still Najib who has to make the decisions in whatever the government is doing and trying to do.
It is the same with Dr. Mahathir when he was the Prime Minister. Anybody can say anything but Dr. Mahathir was the one who made all the decisions, no matter whether it was right or wrong, good or bad. But when Dr. Mahathir could not bear it anymore, he either fired his critics or jailed them.
Thus Dr. Mahathir has no moral standing to remove Najib from power which is undemocratic anyway. Dr. Mahathir, is this how democracy should be practiced? If this is your version of democracy, then you are wrong. Dr. Mahathir is only one vote for Najib or against Najib, that too if he even voted! Dr. Mahathir does not represent the majority!
Dr M's camp also poking fire
However, despite the retaliations from Najib’s camp, people in Dr. Mahathir’s camp refused to come to their senses, especially Datuk Kadir Jasin. Thus when Tun Daim Zainudin has been silenced and Datuk Seri Zainudin Maidin has stopped commenting against Najib, things have not settled down.
Kadir Jasin still continues with his attacks with stronger words and even reprimanded Datuk Seri Shahidan Kasim who tried to improve the situation. He is also adamant that Najib supporters have no right to retaliate. But what give Kadir Jasin the idea that only he and Dr. Mahathir’s people have the right to criticize while the others have no right? Kadir, what has gone inside your mind? Have you got nothing else to do?
Mystery man in the Umno power equation: Is it Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim - whom both Dr M and Daim fear can tip the balance of Malay power to Najib's hand?
If really Dr. Mahathir badly wants to remove Najib, why is he wandering around the bush? Why wait for extra bullets from Daim? Why not just go and see Sirul and Azilah? Prove that Najib was the mastermind behind the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu! Why waste everybody’s time? Why must Dr.
Mahathir keep on stirring things up when our country is facing so many blunders and calamities? Dr. Mahathir, just do it, like what you had done before! Go for the kill!
Put Rosmah on a tight leash
Najib on the other hand must manage the country properly. He should have fired all his foolish advisors who have failed to give him good advices. Najib, can’t you see how many blunders have you made based on their advices? How can you be so foolish to not be able to how bad our country has become now!
Najib should also take heed of the warnings to improve the situation. Najib cannot keep on not doing anything to improve the situation. That’s why your enemies can say so many things about you!
Najib must also accept that his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has not contributed positively to the government and the country. Whatever that seems to be her achievements are all hyped by the mainstream media! Najib, despite what all your ‘kaki bodek’ say, your wife as what she is doing now is bad for both you and our country.
Please put Rosmah on a proper leash to improve the present situation. Najib, Malaysia is not about you and your wife. Malaysia is not about Dr. Mahathir too.
In the present situation, neither Najib and Mahathir have not achieved anything at all, except make our system look weaker and at the brink of disaster in every aspect!
Indeed, Malaysia would be better off without these two protagonists. - MAILBAG

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