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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A nation in a pit – Din Merican

There is a Malay saying that describes most aptly what is happening in Malaysia today under the Najib administration. It goes like this: "Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" (literally, depend on the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper steals the rice).
Yes, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Cabinet as gatekeepers and their officials have betrayed us.
We all have spent countless hours on this blog discussing the need to protect this intangible capital called trust that underpins personal and social relationships, business and public administration and the need for our government to be open, transparent and accountable. We emphasised the importance of sound management of our economy and fiscal responsibility; we comment on corruption, fiduciary duty of company directors and public officials.
We have warned the recalcitrant prime minister cum finance minister that Malaysia is in a financial crisis.
This crazy debt-financed spending which is justified as being good for sustained economic economic growth must stop if we are to avoid joining Greece which has difficulties in paying its creditors including the IMF.
The 1MDB financial scandal involving debt to the tune of RM42 billion by a single entity is already having a negative impact on public and investor confidence in the way the Najib administration manages our country’s finances and makes and executives public policy.
The ringgit has already taking its toll against the US dollar on foreign exchange markets. This is because the Najib administration has consistently refused to explain what happened to the proceeds of the RM42 billion and tell the truth.
Even our auditor-general is taking his time to come out with his report. The top managers of 1MDB too have acted irresponsibly by not turning up for a meeting with the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee to answer questions on 1MDB activities and financial accounts.
The time is now to come clean on 1MDB and other matters, if you have nothing to hide. Don’t treat us Malaysians as dumb and stupid people.
I hope my readers around the world will read about what has been happening in Malaysia since 2009 when Najib took over the reins of power as Prime Minister from an equally inept predecessor.
Don’t be taken in by the highly paid consultants and propagandists. If possible come and visit to the country and talk to civil society leaders and those outside officialdom.
Yes, we have impressive skyscrapers and modern shopping centers but underneath all that is a nation without a soul and compassion for the struggling middle class and the poor.
It is a sad reflection of the quality of Malay leadership right down the line. Added to the image of the Lazy Malay native is that of a corrupt, unscrupulous and greedy plutocrat.
May you learn from the Malaysian experience to know that rampant corruption, abuse of power and professional incompetence will destroy a nation and its moral and ethical foundations.
We are not “a City Upon a Hill” but a nation deep down in a coal pit. – dinmerican.wordpress.com

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