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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Najib Razak advised to stop fooling the Malaysian public

Arul, Lodin and Najib
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak appears unwilling to emulate the leaders of developed nations, preferring to follow the ways of crass leaders who don’t care about the welfare of their people and the future of their countries, political analyst Aspan Alias comments in his latest blog posting.
He also alleges that Najib seems to persist in insulting the Malaysian public’s collective intelligence, “lowering it to the level of his own intelligence”. Aspan makes these remarks in reference to Najib’s apparent belief that the calls for his resignation have been coming only from certain groups with questionable motives.
“Najib finds it difficult to admit that it’s no longer possible to fool the Malaysian public,” he says. “He still cannot accept that he’s looked down upon not only by Malaysian society, but by the international community as well.
“He still believes that the talk about public pressure for him to resign is a fiction made up by people who do it out of sheer joy of seeing him suffer.” Aspan contends that it is not in human nature to derive joy from applying pressure on someone. He says the calls for Najib’s resignation are made out of necessity.
The same, he adds, applies to the rest of the Cabinet. “It’s their failure to carry out their duties that presses the people to call for their resignation.” He alleges that all the members of the Cabinet have been guilty of allowing Najib to do as he pleased in his role as Finance Minister. “It’s only now that we hear some of them agreeing that Najib must answer the public’s questions,” he says.
Recalling reports last March that the Cabinet unanimously approved the RM950 million standby credit for 1MDB, Aspan remarks that the Cabinet members could be considered even more irresponsible than Najib.
“They talk about defending the interests of religion, race and the nation, but we can see that they have no religion, that their race has lost its identity, and that the nation is in  total disarray.”

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