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Friday, May 29, 2015

COP SHOWS VILLAGE WOMEN HIS PENIS: He said he had not slept with his wife for a long time

 COP SHOWS VILLAGE WOMEN HIS PENIS: He said he had not slept with his wife for a long time
Villagers from Kampung Gatco in Negeri Sembilan have accused a local police officer of unzipping his pants and attempting to show his private part to the women who had gathered there.
The allegation against Abu Bakar Ibrahim of Air Hitam police station in Jempol has since gone viral on Facebook.
According a copy of the police report filed by one of the villagers that was obtained by Malaysiakini, a group of villagers had gone to inspect the rubber plantation at Kampung Gatco about 3.30pm yesterday and were stopped by Abu Bakar.
The estate, occupied by the villagers, is in the middle of a land dispute after a private company purchased the land and is working to evict the inhabitants.
"He insulted us with expletives and then told us that he had not slept with his wife for a long time.
"Sergeant-Major Abu Bakar also asked a few of us women there to sleep with him.
"He also unzipped his pants and tried to show his private part to us," the police report states.
Cop accuses woman of slapping him
The report also said Abu Bakar had a senior citizen arrested.
When contacted, Abu Bakar denied the allegations and accused one of the woman of slapping him.
"She slapped me but I did not take it to heart. All the allegations are untrue, I did not do them.
"I wouldn't do something inappropriate. She provoked me several times but all the claims are untrue," he told Malaysiakini.
Negeri Sembilan police chief Jaafar Mohd Yusof when questioned about the incident denied the allegations.
“All of them (the allegations) are untrue,” Jaafar told Malaysiakini.
Asked whether police would investigate the matter, Jaafar said they would do so only if the police officer in question had committed a wrong doing.
When contacted, PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan said the activists had met with the state police chief yesterday to complain about the police handling of the Gatco tussle, and this may have angered the local police.
In March, three Negeri Sembilan assemblypersons and 30 others were arrested for trying to prevent the clearing of the plantations at Kampung Gatco.
The disputed land, approximately 4,700 acres in size, was leased to The Great Alonioners Trading Corporation Bhd (Gatco) in 1977 by the Negri Sembilan State Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).
Gatco was incorporated by the National Union of Plantation Workers for the purpose of a land development scheme for its members.
The current settlers had paid RM7,600 each as deposit to settle on allocated plots of the land as part of the development scheme.
However, the scheme eventually failed and the land was charged to two financial institutions.
Gatco was eventually wound up but its liquidators only sole the land to Thamarai Holdings Sdn Bhd in 2006, triggering the ongoing tussle.
A total of 140 settlers have sued Gatco and Tamarai over the sale. - M'kini

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