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Saturday, May 30, 2015

JHO LOW SURRENDERING HIMSELF? To whom - Najib, Rosmah or Dr M - who will reel him in?

JHO LOW SURRENDERING HIMSELF? To whom - Najib, Rosmah or Dr M - who will reel him in?
Following the news by The Ant Daily, the controversial millionaire, Jho Low who is linked with 1MDB is now back in Malaysia.
Based on the report, Jho Low arrived at KLIA late in the evening on Thursday, by Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong which had departed from Japan.
He was wearing a black and white batik shirt accompanied by a man in casual clothes, and were later received by an Indian man at the KLIA terminal around 7.43 before they rushed off.
With the heat on 1MDB is still intensifying among the majority of Malaysians, his name is often associated with issues happening in Najib's prized company. His arrival will definitely raise many questions.
What is his purpose to visit Malaysia and who will he be meeting here?
Close link to Najib's son's sudden extraordinary wealth
With all the issues going on regarding 1MDB, which is considered the biggest financial scandal during Najib’s time as the Prime Minister, Jho Low's name is often mentioned by many including the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, who has questioned his role and how come he was given the responsibility to manage the billions of ringgit in investment that belong to the company.
Tun Mahathir has also linked the close relationship between Najib’s step son, Riza Aziz, to Jho Low and questioned Riza's extraordinary wealth to the extent he could produce a movie worth RM300 million in Hollywood and purchase a luxurious condominium in New York city.
In the mystery of the disappearing RM27 billion from 1MDB's total debt of RM42 billion, Jho Low’s name has been mentioned and linked with many issues revolving in 1MDB. He is seen as the main key that could unlock answers to the many questions running across the people’s minds.
This blog in its post on 15 April 2015 entitled 'Catch Jho Low, Reopen Altantuya’s Case. Matter Solved!' suggested that Jho Low should be probed in order to gather more important information about 1MDB.
Police reports lodged against Jho Low
Among the UMNO leaders, Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO Youth chief is one of those who wanted the playboy billionaire to be probed. Khairy further added that the public’s speculation in this 1MDB scandal is too big to be ignored.
Khairy also defended his argument by saying that no matter how this issue is seen, Jho Low’s involvement in this 1MDB issue is undeniable.
Khairy’s stand is a response to PAC’s chairman, Nur Jazlan Mohamed who has not realized the need to probe Jho Low in the investigation related to 1MDB where more mysteries could be resolved.
Until today, it was reported that Nur Jazlan has not listed Jho Low among the people to be probed regarding this issue.
'Mummy' Rosmah? Will the authorities close an eye & let go of the chance to probe him?
Having said that, it is clear that Jho Low is here not to testify to PAC.
So, why has Jho Low returned to Malaysia now? Does he have any appointment to meet Najib Razak or chairman of 1MDB, Arul Kandasamy to discuss any matter related to the company?
Will he be meeting his most respected mother who he calls 'mummy', Rosmah Mansor?
Or is he back for family matters and to visit his parents in Penang?
Another possibility for Jho Low’s arrival in Malaysia at a time when the 1MDB issue is being heatedly discussed and his name cited frequently, may be that he is here to show how 'courageous' he is to face anything that might be linked to him.
Maybe it is too early to link him with any legal procedures but will this golden chance to probe him, which is now right in front of us, it's as though he is surrendering himself, be somehow missed by the powers that be?  http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.com/

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