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Saturday, May 30, 2015

NAJIB COMPROMISED: Have 1MDB top execs Arul, Shahrol got the M'sian PM by the 'B***S'?

NAJIB COMPROMISED: Have 1MDB top execs Arul, Shahrol got the M'sian PM by the 'B***S'?
The 1MDB issue continues to haunt the public given the fact that there is no absolute solution found for this issue yet. Whether the company’s investment could be recovered or not, the plain fact is that the RM42 billion debts are now on the people’s shoulder.
Besides a huge debt and failure to trace the RM27 billion, amid investigation by the Auditor-General and PAC, lies have begun to surface regarding the cover up of 1MDB.
With his contradicting answers in Parliament regarding the USD1.103 billion which was brought back from Cayman Islands to Singapore, Najib as the Finance Minister, according to many had lied and given contradicting statements.
Caymans case alone may spell 3 years jail, there is still RM27 bil to account for: If guilty, Najib & cohorts may face a very long time in jail
Many are confused with Najib’s contradicting answers (who has many officers and advisors) as to whether cash, assets or units were transferred and kept at Singapore. Some are worried whether anything at all was brought back from Cayman Islands in the first place.
What is more confusing is that before this, the CEO of 1MDB was very determined to verify that the money is indeed at Singapore and he confirmed that he himself saw the statement.
Not only the people evaluated these contradicting answers by Najib as lies, but the former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad also sees this act as something against the law, under the Section 218 that brings imprisonment for 3 years.
Shocking bending of the truth in way 1MDB land is valued to the people
Regarding the mystery of how the RM27 billion disappeared, Najib has insisted that the money did not disappear, instead half of it is being kept as land with value (TRX and Bandar Malaysia), which is also a lie because that value is based on the current market price whereas the government bought the land with a much cheaper price.
This means the mystery regarding the disappearance of RM27 billion still remains unanswered.
When a new fact was revealed that under Clause 117 of 1MDB's M&A, written approval from the Prime Minister is required for any of the company's transactions proved that Najib lied again.
This contradicts with the statement from the Prime Minister Department that Najib is not involved in the company’s daily transactions and the company has been managed by a group of experienced professionals.
However, with the Clause 117 revealed, how can we believe that Najib is not aware about the company’s daily transactions?
Did not Najib lie in this matter?
When Arul Kanda, the CEO of 1MDB did not attend the investigation called by PAC, again the lies were quite obvious.
Arul gave an excuse that when he received the notice on 21 May, he already had a scheduled meeting abroad for 26 May.
However, with Nur Jazlan’s explanation, the Chairman of PAC, that the letter was sent out as early as 6 May to the Ministry of Finance, obviously, there is some trickery involved in this matter.
Why did the letter dated 6 May to the Ministry of Finance reach 1MDB only on 21 May?
The most important question to be asked is that who is the Minister of Finance, and is Najib and his officers aware of the delay ?
What is more confusing since yesterday is that Arul Kanda was found meeting with the Chairman of BNBBC, Shahrir Samad who is also known as Najib’s core supporter on 27 May in Kuala Lumpur, which was one day after the meeting with PAC that he did not attend.
Those pictures went viral and finally Arul Kanda admitted the fact that he met Shahrir on that day.
Which country did Arul actually go to if on 27 May he could return back so swiftly? Just as what has been asked by Tony Pua, one of the members of PAC, when did Arul go abroad and when was his ticket booked?
The question that cannot be avoided here is that - is this another lie?
Have Arul, Shahrol got Najib 'by the balls'?
At the same time, many are wondering why it took almost a month for the former CEO of 1MDB, Shahrul Halmi to explain to 1MDB. Is there any lie being planned requiring more time? If only truth is to be told to PAC, why did he request a month's time in the first place?
What is interesting here is that, despite the fact that both Arul and Shahrul have been playing hide and seek in giving their explanation to PAC, and their explanation is considered key to get to the bottom of the truth in the 1MDB saga, Najib as the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance had to come forward as their spokesperson to assure that both of them will testify.
Talk in town is that both of them appear to be powerful to the extent that Najib is reduced to being their 'PRO'.
As more lies surface in the process to solve the issues related to 1MDB, will there be more lies to be revealed?
Lies, lies and more lies.
Too many lies (Berapa banyak bohong daa)...maybe this is what will be said by the late P Ramlee if he were to be alive now. - http://shahbudindotcom.blogspot.com/
Translation by Malaysia Chronicle

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