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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Raggie Jessy
Rafizi Ramli seems to possess an insatiable propensity to take the wraps off conspiracies. His books on UMNO have dealt with questions best left to sages of conscience and juridical fraternities. I am neither competent nor qualified to deliberate on his allegations, many of which are thrashed out in the court of public opinion rather than tried within courtrooms.
But then a courtroom is a crucible. In it we burn away irrelevancies until we are left with a purer product; the truth, for all time. Rafizi prefers those bits of information he calls evidence to be treated as gospel, while the spirited defences of his victims be brushes off as attempts to sheath a crime from public scrutiny.
Most of Rafizi’s allegations are leveraged on crumbs of ‘evidences’, bundled in fashion to have you believe that the cow did in fact jump over the moon. Tell Rafizi that every human who drinks water would die sooner or later and he will whip up a theory on how water kills you. It is for this reason above all that much of what he says hardly constitutes legitimate depositions worthy for consideration.
Speaking of cows, Rafizi had in November 2011 unveiled what appeared to be a breach of trust by the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), a private establishment run primarily by family members of Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. The allegation led Rafizi straight into the teeth of the Wanita UMNO chief who took him to task by initiating legal proceedings. However, the suit was withdrawn a year later, fuelling speculation over her role in misappropriating government funds amounting to a quarter billion ringgit.
Going by Rafizi’s expose and that of the Auditor General, one would get the impression that Shahrizat’s family had in fact embezzled part of the sum, consigned to the NFC by government in loan. Over a fifth of the fund was said to have been spent on procurements and activity that included the purchase of a Mercedes Benz and several condominium units in Bangsar and Singapore. Opposition led media portals began insinuating on the manner with which government funds were being exploited by its cronies.
The purported defalcation came to be known as the NFC scandal, and has since been the epicentre of jokes and banter from opposition camps. People have begun referring to Shahrizat as the cow lady, while opposition media circles ran articles that told Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak exactly how his goose would be cooked should he abstain from blowing the scandal in the open.
So don’t be surprised to find a herd of cows basking in the Saturday sun by the poolside of a high rise condominium the next time you’re in Bangsar or Singapore. Thanks to Rafizi, NFC is now a very magical concern, where cows are chauffeured to and fro cow condo in a Mercedes Benz. That’s right; cows in Malaysia may have figured out a way to produce better quality milk and beef that sizzles well on your barbeque.
But the attacks didn’t end there. Rafizi went on to leak confidential banking documents that detailed balance summaries of several companies apposite to the NFC and its chairperson, Dato’ Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail. Rafizi was accused of disclosing these documents to media consultant Yusuf Abdul Alim and to a reporter from the Star, Erle Martin Carvalho. The Pandan Member of Parliament was subsequently charged in the Sessions Court on August 2012 with violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Bafia), and failed in his bid to strike the charges out last month.
All in all, Rafizi faces prospects of serving a three year jail term, compounding to a fine that may be worth more than he is today. Now that would articulate the final chapters to a political career that was triggered by sodomy charges brought against Anwar in 1998.
Anyway, that pretty much put the Rafizi-Shahrizat ordeal in a nutshell. It appears that Rafizi broke his neck to sound the death knell for Shahrizat, while the whisper from the alley was of a conspiracy to depose of the wanita chief and have her supplanted with one who wasn’t a Najib loyalist. The odds to such a conspiracy are uncertain, though it bespeaks a tactical artifice that may have been engineered to tug the rug from under Najib’s feet barely two years into his premiership.
What Rafizi forgot to tell you
Rafizi seems to suffer from chronic bouts of amnesia that appear to have scarred his cognitive faculties for life. That is to say, Rafizi seems to have forgotten to tell you just how George Soros funded Datin Seri Wan Azizah’s and PKR’s electoral campaign during the 2004 General Elections (GE 11). As a matter of fact, Rafizi failed to tell Malaysians why PKR may well be an illegal political party.
Now, some of you may already be aware how Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was once a CIA agent poised to supplant Tun Mahathir Mohamed as Prime Minister. It began with an attack on Thai and Malaysian currencies by Jewish magnate George Soros, who on February 1997 burst Malaysia’s economic bubble by speculating in the futures market. This sent the stock market crashing and severely depleted Malaysia’s financial reserves.
A one time advocate of globalist policies, Mahathir turned a deaf ear to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when it offered a pivot for Malaysia to set its currency market on a rebound. He knew that it was Soros who had financed the speculative flow of capitals across South East Asian markets, inflating stock values and engendering bubble economies that were leveraged on weak fundamentals.
In September 1998, Mahathir threw a bolt from the blue when he pegged the Ringgit against the US dollar, ending a speculative spree that looted the nation of its reserves. Soros censured Mahathir for challenging orthodox austerity positions that were taken by the IMF to aid debt stricken economies. Infuriated, Soros embarked on a mission together with London to depose of Mahathir and drew the then US Ambassador to Malaysia, John Raymond Malott, into the picture.
Mallot was, and as yet is a long time associate of George Soros. The two spent some time discussing Malaysian political affairs and got Anwar to launch an all out offensive against Mahathir. Around then, Anwar began attacking Mahathir for keeping a tight rein on the economy. He charged UMNO members to favour a free economy that was market driven and open to ‘healthy’ speculation.
Following Anwar’s sacking, Soros and his cronies began funding a campaign to topple the government of Malaysia. Financed through the Open Society Foundation, Anwar charged the government with conspiracy to destroy not just his political career, but his very persona as a measure of vendetta
Before the 2004 General Elections, Wan Azizah met Soros to seek funding for PKR’s electoral campaign. She had initially sought from a confidante the means to smuggle cash into the country, but was advised against leaving a paper trail that could implicate her and Soros of conspiracy. As a result, funds that ran in the millions were channelled through Hong Kong to finance the purchase of banners, flags and other electoral regalia from China, used against the Barisan Nasional (BN) government during the 2004 elections.
Rafizi persisted with slander against the government and brought forth charges that bordered on corruption. He inflamed to madness a people who accused leaders of abusing their privileges in government. Both Anwar and Rafizi impressed upon party loyalists that PKR was the antithesis to UMNO, grounded on core values that emphasized accountability and transparency.
Ironically, Rafizi lost his sense of accountability when he failed to tell you just how Anwar turned PKR into an illegitimate political concern. That’s right; not only was PKR’s contest in the last three general elections a direct violation of a people’s trust, but those who ran on the party’s ticket may have misrepresented the electorate and violated some laws.
Put simply, PKR may be an illegal political party.
You see, Anwar began talking about merger between PKN (Parti Keadilan Nasional) and PRM (Parti Rakyat Malaysia) in terms that didn’t seem to go down well with some quarters. In an effort to assuage his critics, Anwar pursued an EGM to come across democratic, just and liberal. But backstage gossip had it that Anwar had resolved to see the merger through by hook or by crook.
Of course, Anwar was serving a jail sentence in Sungai Buloh back in 2003 and hence, wasn’t there to oversee the voting process. But the directive was clear; PKN was to merge with PRM, whatever the means necessary. Emotions ran high on voting day in Sungai Petani when some delegates began accusing party stalwarts of manipulating the tally on votes. And they were right; voting results were rigged when it became apparent that a majority was inclined against the merger. And the person who doctored the results was none other than Raja Petra Kamarudin.
Among those who strongly opposed the fusion was Omar Jaafar, a staunch Anwar apologist who led a substantive group of delegates out from the hall in protest. Following the EGM, PKN went on to hoodwink a people by telling them that a fusion of ideologies had been effected in a democratic, just and liberal manner. And that is precisely how Anwar sealed in PRM’s fate.
Perhaps now it becomes plain and comprehensible why PKR may well be an illegal political concern. Perhaps, it would be prudent on the part of the RoS to seek testimonies from personalities in the know of the artifice. And the names they should be concerned with are none other than Dato’ Johari Abdul of PKR and Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today.
Oh yes, it would also be prudent for relevant authorities to seek clarification from Rafizi. It interests me to know if PKR’s vice-president and strategist extraordinaire had been in the know all along. You see, half the truth is essentially, a whole lie. And all Rafizi has done so far is to tip the glass over selective bits of information he calls the truth.

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