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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shahbudin: Ahmad Maslan’s move as Umno’s IT chief a demotion

Umno President Najib Abdul Razak's decision to drop Ahmad Maslan as Umno Information Chief is somewhat puzzling since other people have been promoted just for being sycophants.
KUALA LUMPUR: No doubt Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak doesn’t think much of Ahmad Maslan although he graduated with CGPA 3.85 and has been talking a lot here and there, all over the place, in defence of him. “Najib no doubt thinks that CGPA 3.85 isn’t enough to help Ahmad give his views as Umno Information Chief.”
“Ahmad should be patient as the new Ummo IT Chief although he would be forced to stop talking like before when he was Information Chief. On the bright side, he can still give his views but in the social media only i.e. in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and the like.”
Shahbudin Husin, the analyst, was commenting on former Federal Minister from Kelantan Annuar Musa replacing Ahmad as Umno Information Chief, a position he has held since 2009 when Najib became Prime Minister. “This is yet another indication of failure on Ahmad’s part.”
“When Ahmad failed earlier, as Deputy Finance Minister, to explain GST and other current issues to the public, in fact creating even more confusion in the process, he was demoted to a less senior Ministry i.e. as Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry.”
As Umno IT Chief, noted the analyst, Ahmad would be responsible for the cyber initiatives on behalf of Umno. “So, he won’t have the same opportunities like before to shoot off his mouth in public, most of the time shooting himself in the foot.”
“He has to stick to the virtual, not physical, world.”
Najib’s decision on moving Ahmad was somewhat puzzling, pointed out the analyst. “Other people have been promoted by Najib for just being sycophants.”
“In Ahmad’s case, he has been demoted for doing the same thing. So, it seems that there are sycophants and sycophants.”
Ahmad lost the Umno Information Chief’s post, lamented Shahbudin, to an appointed member of the Umno Supreme Council.

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