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Saturday, January 30, 2016

What motivates gov’t whistleblowers in RM2.6b saga?

For the past six months, the nation has been transfixed on the cases involving Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, which still continue to be a jaw-dropping thriller with expected, as well as unexpected, twists.
While the climax remains unpredictable, the plot has suggested a split among the top brass of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). It is debatable whether that is real or perceived.
A similar scenario unravelled in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, at least before the house was put in order.
There are those who appear to be sticking to the script, which has been recycled for decades when it concerned investigations related to those in positions of power.
But there are some who seem to deviate from the cue cards, and this has plunged the current administration into a crisis of perception, an abysmal pit which is impossible to crawl out from.
So what prompted these officers to depart from the playbook with regard to their modus operandi?
Some argue that these officers want to see justice done, and are god-fearing individuals who are acting in the interest of the nation at great personal risk.
A romantic notion indeed, inspiring and heart-warming if it were indeed true.
But to the cynical mind, the same set of mental faculties which are unable to digest the claim that more than RM2 billion was returned to the donor, this is a tad bit difficult to swallow, given the anti-corruption commission’s track record.
The scandal involving the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ and SRC’s RM42 million is perhaps the mother of all cases.
And this is when, should the belief that enforcement authorities consist of acquiescing officers be applied, one would expect the investigators to toe the line. But no.
Documents were leaked, brazen statements were made, divine guidance was sought and much nail-biting drama ensued.
Even now, despite the attorney-general declaring to have found no elements of corruption, information continues to trickle out suggesting otherwise.
So what is the motivation? Is it a simple case of honest officers or is the answer more complex?
Battle lines blurred
There was a time in this nation when the battle lines were clearly defined, but now, it is difficult to tell between friend and foe.
Marionettes and puppeteers have become aplenty, while the country and its people struggle under the weight of economic uncertainty and escalating living cost.
For half a year, the government, its machinations and members have been focusing on deflecting and defending their leader.
And for the same duration, the deceased and revenant opposition pact, its machinations and members have been concentrating on attacking the prime minister.
At present, both these coalitions offer little hope for the future.
Even Dr Mahathir Mohamad has expressed concern and fear. He is frightened of what would become of this land which he claims is now lawless.
For the past six months, this nation has witnessed numerous bizarre episodes. One of them being the former premier's severe amnesiac spell.
You are right Mahathir, you could not have provided a more apt headline for your last blog posting, ‘Quo Vadis Malaysia’.
We are reaping what you sowed. -Mkini

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