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Friday, January 29, 2016

Vell Paari too quick to score brownie points with PM

YOURSAY | ‘The truth is that M’sians are not satisfied until the whole truth is revealed.’
Vijay47: A well-written analysis, S Vell Paari, an achievement I would never have expected of you where even the quality of the language employed lifts you way above the level of our neighbourhood cyber-trooper.
I notice that you also using the tactic made famous by Salleh Said Keruak - mention an issue before the opposition does so as to pre-empt its relevance and efficacy.
Hence your "I would not be surprised if they do an ‘expose’ on the Saudi royal family after this" should somebody - Clare Rewcastle Brown, Tony Pua or Rafizi Ramli - want to probe the accuracy of the so-called source of PM Najib Abdul Razak's fortuitous funds.
To deviate slightly, there is a small chance though far from a probability, that a former MIC leader could be charged with corruption of Himalayan scales.
Try and get yourself appointed as the head of the investigation panel and when you clear that leader of all charges, you could always claim that the correct due process found him innocent.
Kee Thuan Chye: Vell Paari, son of former minister S Samy Vellu, shows the worst side of a politician by changing his tune.
When he was in the political wilderness, he spoke out almost like an opposition man, but now that he's been included in the central working committee (CWC) of the MIC, he has become pro-Najib. Despicable behaviour.
Unafraid: This tale spun by the PM and attorney-general (AG) is like a schoolboy's story. It is too simplistic and too far-fetched to convince even the most gullible.
Along the way, there are too much intrigues, lies, half-truths, cover-ups, arrests and even bloodshed to give an iota of credibility to what this MIC man says.
The truth is that the people are not satisfied until the whole truth is revealed because too many people have suffered as a result of this scandal, including the rakyat of Malaysia.
Karma: Vell Paari is wrong. The donation was indeed as admitted by Najib, RM2.6 billion. Only now and not before, was it claimed by the AG that RM2.03 billion was returned.
The BBC report came out after the AG's revelation but not before, like Sarawak Report or the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Further, the ministry officials in Saudi Arabia could not immediately confirm the donation, nor the return of the donation.
Vell Paari, like other Najib supporters, was just too quick to score brownie points with the boss. The question is why Najib did not himself answer all these so-called 'facts' instead of letting them come from the AG.
If Najib was honest - or even for that matter, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi - as claimed by Vell Paari, he should have told the public that he returned part of the money and how he used the remaining part (RM168 million).
Najib and the DPM, who claimed to have met the donor or donors, is far from being honest in this saga.
J Chong: Just because the AG decides not to press charges against Najib doesn't mean he's innocent. The people are not fools.
Your empty bluster saddens me, Vell Paari. If this is the quality of our leaders, our nation is straight up screwed.
Anonymous_1421806811: Vell Paari, why did you specifically leave out the RM42 million that the PM claimed he had no idea who placed the money into his account but had no problem spending it?
Why did you leave out that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is appealing the AG’s decision?
I guess you, like the other boot polishers, will believe whatever Najib and his cronies dish out. The AG's decision has left more questions unanswered.
Mojo Jojo: Only an idiot and simpleton will believe that the truth is out, Samy Jr.
For one, the public has no way of validating the veracity of the claim by BBC’s source, which states that the money comes from King Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Saud, a deceased Saudi-Wahhabi autocrat.
Secondly, if the AG is adamant in claiming Najib's innocence, then the onus falls upon the former in showing the public evidence indicating that RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ did indeed come from the Saudis, while the bulk of it was returned to the source.
Vell Paari, talk is cheap. I'm sure you would like nothing more than to have an AG, who by words, can magically conjure something out of nothing in exonerating your political master.
Sadly, this is not our reality. If it were, we would have wished you lot away a long time ago.
Hopeful123: Vell Paari, don't be too hasty. The matter is still not solved yet as one major question still lingers on for eternity. Why did it take one year to tell this part of the story?
Why was so much time and money wasted on Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigations?
Why was then attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail retired off? Why was then-PAC chairperson Nur Jazlan Mohamed and others promoted for no rhyme or reason? Why were the investigations by MACC interfered with?
Malaysians would love to see their prime minister cleared of all charges. But then all the events have made Malaysians feeling ashamed.
Tailek: I think deep down this MIC leader does not himself believe a word that he has written.
So now that US$620 million has supposedly been returned to the Saudis, our friend is free to keep the rest of the money (US$61 million) without question.
This is clearly the best country in the world for corrupted politicians.
Old Timer: At last, we read something from S Vell Paari. Soon he will be the next MIC president and given a ministerial post. Truly a man to watch, but not to trust. -Mkini

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