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22 May 2024

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Did Najib lie to Parliament about Good Star ownership?

YOURSAY | Shariffuddin, what is the main news here? It’s the ownership of Good Star.
Tholu: "An investigation should be launched into why the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) is taking sides in Malaysia’s politics and internal affairs," said PM’s press aide Tengku Shariffuddin Tengku Ahmad.
Tengku, are you so gullible as to believe that the rakyat will expect scrupulous professional integrity and transparency in government-commissioned investigation bodies, more so if it was commissioned by the PM to probe alleged corrupt practices by he himself.
Why don't you just advise the PM to sue WSJ instead if their reports are lies and mere fabrications of facts written to topple him.
If WSJ should be investigated for taking sides in Malaysia’s politics, then our local mainstream newspapers, Utusan Malaysia being in the top of the list as well as the electronic media, TV3 being the champion of them all, that are flagrantly and atrociously condemning only the opposition party leaders while remaining silent on the power abuse and corrupt practices of government leaders, must appropriately and justifiably be investigated as well.
Cmfoo: It is very telling that PM Najib Razak’s sycophant Shariffuddin only dare addressed a certain part of the WSJ report by giving the usual answer, calling it 'lies' yet offered no proof.
Now that WSJ had offered proof of Bank Negara letter that Good Star Limited is owned by Jho Low and not PetroSaudi International, suddenly it seems that 'the cat got the good Tengku’s tongue'.
It goes to show that Shariffuddin lacks credibility and is merely responding for the sake of responding, playing to the gallery of those ignorant kampung folks.
Mamadias: Shariffuddin, what is the main news here? It’s the ownership of Good Star.
You didn't dispute that part of the report. It’s because your boss, Najib, allegedly lied in Parliament yesterday.
SusahKes: Every time a foreign journalist approaches Najib to ask questions, he avoids/ignores/walks away.
And let's not forget, when Najib was telling the world that he has nothing to hide, he did exactly that – hiding from former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Nothing2Hide forum.
And what about the time when he avoided answering questions in Parliament and got DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to give a three-minute answer on his behalf?
What about the many times Parliament shot down questions on 1MDB because of they were "sub judice"?
Give us a break; you sound no different from the rest of BN sycophants who are working overtime to defend their boss.
Anticonmen: How stupid they look defending the indefensible. The body responsible for the registration of companies in a certain country has confirmed that Good Star belongs to Jho Low.
Speaking Sense: Now if only the truth had been revealed from day one, then one thing would be for sure – a particular press aide would now be out of a job, and we would not have to put up with inane statements that say many things but reveal nothing.
Oxymoronictendencies: How much longer are Najib and his acolytes to be allow to allegedly lie and deceive the rakyat?
And now they are allegedly lying to the Malaysian Parliament, in turn making a complete mockery of the already tattered fabric of democracy in Malaysia.
Clearly there is not one BN member of parliament with even a shred of morality, honesty, decency or integrity. As Najib has already told us "cash is king".
But for how much longer can this charade continue? This pantomime we call Parliament is certainly not populated by any believers in democracy. That disappeared long ago it seems.
Swipenter: In Bolehland, the Umno government and Umnoputras without any compunction will misuse everything at its disposal to conceal its wrongdoings from the public and to prevent and suppress the truth from surfacing.
They can only do it if the crimes and scandals are committed within the boundaries of Bolehland but not when they are committed outside the country.
This 1MDB mother of all scandals has revealed to us that in Bolehland everything including all the law enforcement agencies, the central bank, media, corrupt politicians, etc, are not spared from being used or threatened so as to prevent the whole truth from emerging.
Fortunately for us but unfortunately for them, they can't do a thing outside the confines of Bolehland, which is beyond their control.
Anonymous #40538199: Given that the status of Good Star's ownership is important because it will determine whether 1MDB's funds had been siphoned away or that it was indeed used for investment, Bank Negara can no longer remain silence on the issue.

It must clear the air once and for all in order to remain credible in the eyes of investors, both local and foreign.- Mkini

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