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Monday, May 30, 2016

‘Ketuanan Melayus’ missing when OSA used to protect a Chinaman

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YOURSAY | ‘Indeed, why is the Official Secrets Act used to protect an alleged swindler?’
Anonymous 29051438068738: Lettergate 101 for PMOrons.
Question: Why should the letter confirming that Good Star Limited was owned by Low Taek Jho be deemed confidential?
Answer: Because it underscores the lie told by PM Najib Razak in Parliament - that Good Star belonged to former 1MDB joint-venture partner PetroSaudi International. A lie to which the entire Umno supreme council is party to.
Question: Why order Bank Negara to lodge a police report? Answer: To find and punish the person or persons who unmasked the liar.
Cogito Ergo Sum: Indeed, Najib lied to Parliament on who owns Good Star. The Bank Negara letter is proof. The PM seems to be undone by his own alleged co-conspirators.
Najib, by making a police report against The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) instead of disputing the contents of the letter, you are admitting that you lied in Parliament.
Your strategic advisers must be sacked as they have caused you more damage than former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Ronald: I cannot remember when was the last time a Bank Negara governor lodged a police report.
Hardly a month in office and Muhammad Ibrahim is already lodging a police report? Surely, one would have thought that the governor ought to mull through this issue first before lodging the report.
Circumspection is absolutely necessary before proceeding with a serious action like this. One can only hope that the bank governor did not do this at the indirect behest of the powers-that-be.
Dingy: Which is more serious? The government lying to MPs about Good Star or the whistleblower revealing the truth?
What about Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson who kept the letter a secret instead of letting the committee know about it when they were compiling the report?
The police should arrest Jho Low for allegedly cheating 1MDB, instead of going after the whistleblower.
By the way, what was the purpose of sending a letter to PAC to inform the committee about Good Star if the letter cannot be revealed by the chairperson.
Why is Bank Negara letter placed under Official Secrets Act (OSA) when PAC was supposed to report the wrongdoing of 1MDB?
Wg321: Indeed, why is the OSA used to protect an alleged swindler?
We cannot help "admiring" this young Chinaman, Jho Low. What happened to Tanah Melayu?
Why is Azalina Othman Said, Hasan Arifin, Salleh Said Keruak, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, etc, so desperate to protect this Chinaman?
Where is Isma, Perkasa and all the well-fed Umno warlords - the so-called protectors of the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (supremacy of the Malay race)? Why so quiet?
Real Truth: A letter confirming the ownership of company by Jho Low by Bank Negara is under OSA.
This is a financial transaction between two companies. Clearly, strange laws are being use to protect the identity of a person. Malaysians should be ashamed.
Oxymoronictendencies: How can something that is fact and in the public domain be "an official secret". Everyone already knows that Good Star was beneficially controlled by Jho Low at the time of the transfers.
The only people trying to deny this fact are Najib and his sycophants. So how can it be an ‘official secret’? What madness is this?
To what levels of incredulity are Najib and his acolytes going to stoop next?
Tan Kim Keong: Lodging a police report is Bank Negara's right. Why not also just state that the purported letter to PAC chairperson is false and there is no letter with such content?
So in the absence of stating whether such a letter exists, this lodging of the police report could be viewed only as a red herring and that government institutions continuing obscurity is to hide malfeasance and protect transgressors who are considered elites.
Negarawan: Any abuse of the OSA to hide a criminal or corrupt act can be demolished in court, especially a court outside of Malaysia.
The Bank Negara letter is a matter of public interest, and there is no valid reason to classify it under OSA.
Unafraid: True to its dark and devious nature, instead of admitting to the truth, the authorities have given the order to go after the whistleblower.
What the rakyat want is the truth behind the billions of ringgit misappropriated and mismanaged by 1MDB. Instead of standing up for what is right and righteous, the leadership resorts to intimidation and more cover-ups.
They are truly trying to defend the indefensible. The whole country can see that. Only the idiots up there chose to be blind.
Gaji Buta: Will the opposition be able to capitalise on this revelation and win the two upcoming by-elections? I doubt it.

So what is the end game everyone is looking for? A new PM with BN still in power? Will we be better off with any of the other candidates from Umno?
Alunan Ombak: "Truth crushed to earth shall rise again." -Mkini

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