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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Unbelievable Stup*d*ty Of Najib Razak

I am referring to that really stupid PAS hudud bill.  First of all they got a she-man to move the bill in Parliament. But we cant venture too far in that discussion.

Pas' hudud is dead. It is a stupid and stale issue. No one believes in the hudud of PAS as relevant for Malaysia anymore. Not even the Pas. That is why the Pas split and became Amanah. The Amanah guys dont believe in the hudud of Pas either. 

Now Liow Tiong Lai has threatened to resign from the Cabinet if the Bill is passed.

The Deputy MCA Chief in Kedah (who has more guts) has already declared himself an Independent in the State Assembly in protest that the Hudud Bill was even proposed - without consultation with the BN.

Now Sarawak's SUPP (who mean business), MCA, MIC and Gerakan have made a joint statement against the stupid hudud bill. The Gerakan  chief has also threatened to resign from the Cabinet.

How does Najib expect to win Kuala Kangsar and Sg Besar by introducing the hudud bill at this critical moment?

If they think the hudud of Pas will sway Malay votes for Pas they are also mistaken. This is the West coast lah. This is not Kelantan.  Malays in the west coast are not too crazy about the hudud of Pas either.

The MIC, MCA and Gerakan are dead. Past rigor mortis. How does Najib expect the MIC, MCA and Gerakan machinery to function in Kuala Kangsar and Sg Besar when the three parties are dead against the PAS - UMNO hudud bill?  Now the Indians and Chinese in the two seats will be 100% against the BN. 

It is obvious that UMNO and PAS have come to some agreement over Kuala Kangsar and Sg Besar.  It is another inconvenient marriage of convenience. That is the reason for the sudden hudud of PAS popping up again. Its election time again.  Never trust these religious people. They are the world's biggest liars.

Pas' hudud bill was moved by UMNO !! And PAS is going against UMNO in Kuala Kangsar ! Something does not jive. Actually it does.

Voting for PAS is going to be the same as voting for UMNO.

The Chinese and Indians will not come out to vote for either PAS or UMNO in Kuala Kangsar. They will stay at home.

The Malay vote may split but no big deal. A vote for PAS is a vote for Najib as well. Maybe this is going to be the model of cooperation between UMNO and PAS in the next GE.

My view is if either PKR or Amanah run in Kuala Kangsar they may win. The Chinese and Indians will support anyone other than UMNO - PAS. Plus a substantial number of Malays as well. Amanah must seriously consider fielding a candidate in Kuala Kangsar.  Amanah may just win.

But UMNO supporting the hudud of PAS will have major repercussions on the BN component parties. The BN may just break up.

What if SUPP pulls out of the BN? What if MCA, MIC and Gerakan pull out of the BN? That will be 18 seats gone. (MCA 7, MIC 4, Gerakan 1 and SUPP 6?)   Five more seats and Najib will lose his perch in Parliament.

As I said the MCA, MIC and Gerakan are dead anyway. They have nothing to lose. 

To support the hudud of PAS is an unbelievably stupid move. I dont know which moron is advising the super moron on strategy. It must be  super, super moron. 

Last but not least is a really threatening statement by the MCA Youth Chief :

  • MCA has to review working model in BN said Youth chief Chong Sin Woon
  • PAS would not have successfully tabled Bill without Umno, he added
  • We strongly oppose such irresponsible behaviour
  • Such actions marred spirit of alliance in BN 
  • Chong added MCA would not compromise 
  • Party VP Chew Mei Fun criticised Azalina for arbitrarily raising hudud 
  • Her actions violate spirit of BN 
  • "She owes BN components an explanation,” Chew posted on FB
  • Koh Chin Han said arbitrary actions lack accountability, irresponsible
  • against principles of BN 
  • MCA will not support any hudud Bill 
  • Gan Ping Siew condemned Umno’s collaboration with PAS
  • Umno playing dangerous game 
  • to implement unconstitutional Islamic criminal laws
  • move undermined relationship between Barisan component parties
  • blatant breach of decision-making process to bypass BN supreme council 
My comments :  I say MCA, MIC and Gerakan - at this point in time the UMNO guys dont even care about their party members or the Malays. They only care about themselves. Do you seriously expect them to care about you - Chinese, Indians, Dayaks and Kadazans?

You also cannot be so stupid. You must grow up.   

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