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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Cambridge And Harvard Educated Lawyer Who Is Going To Take Down A Prime Minister

Earlier everyone was talking about Preet Bharara the Public Prosecutor from New York's Southern District who is also investigating the 1MDB scandal. Mr Bharara is famous for arresting and taking down cronies and family members of  Third World dictators.  We have not heard the last of or from Preet Bharara.

But the man who is already stealing the thunder from Preet Bharara is this guy here : 42 year old Kwek Mean Luck. He is the 2nd Solicitor General of Singapore. He has been picked (very, very carefully I assume) to lead the prosecution of the first 1MDB corruption scandal related case in Singapore. And also in the world. He is ahead of the Swiss and Preet Bharara in New York.

Here is some info about Kwek Mean Luck.
1  The Legal Service Commission President and Members have re-appointed Mr  Kwek Mean Luck (郭民力) to the Legal Service and as the Second Solicitor-General  (“2SG”) of the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Mr Kwek, previously the Deputy  Secretary (Development) in the Public Service Division of the Prime Minister’s Office  and Dean and Chief Executive of the Civil Service College Singapore, assumed  office on 1 July 2015.
2  Mr Kwek, 42, read law at the University of Cambridge on an Overseas Merit  Scholarship from the Public Service Commission. He later obtained a Master of Laws
from Harvard University under the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship in 2000.  Mr Kwek was
awarded the prestigious USA Eisenhower Fellowship in 2012
3  Mr Kwek began his career as a Legal Service Officer. He was a Justices’ Law  Clerk at the Supreme Court in 1998 and was appointed District Judge in the then Subordinate  Courts (now State Courts) in October 2001. In July 2004, he was  appointed Senior Assistant Registrar in the Supreme Court.
4  Mr Kwek has also held several appointments in the Administrative Service. He was Deputy Secretary (Industry) in the Ministry of Trade and Industry from October  2009 to May 2012. Since June 2012, he has held concurrent appointments as the  Deputy Secretary (Development) in the Public Service Division of the Prime  Minister’s Office, as well as Dean and Chief Executive of the Civil Service College.

5  In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Public Service, he was  awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2010. Mr Kwek has served on the  board of several government agencies, such as the National Heritage Board,  Sentosa Development Corporation, Economic Development Board and the Civil  Service College.

6 Attorney-General VK Rajah S.C. said : “I am very pleased by Mr Kwek Mean  Luck’s appointment as the AGC’s Second Solicitor-General. Mr Kwek brings with him  considerable experience and knowledge from his stints in both the Legal Service and
the Administrative Service. As the AGC undergoes a period of reorganisation and process re-engineering, Mr Kwek’s prior experiences will be valuable." 

My comments : An obviously well qualified public prosecutor. He has worked at the Public Services Division of the Prime Minister's Office, Singapore.

It is impossible that the Singaporeans have not thought all the way through about the gravity of the 1MDB related cases they are prosecuting.  The case will start in about two weeks.

Mr Kwek Mean Luck may very well be the dragon-slayer. 

But it is actually village idiots that are involved.  If only it did not involve taxpayers funds, the foolishness of these village idiots should be side splitting hilarious.  

They have left a trail wider than a hippo's butt through the Okavango. And they are imagining that they will not be sent off to jail.

Hippo trails in the swamp. 
A hippo is not a very intelligent animal.

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