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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hasan's flimsy excuse for hiding Bank Negara's letter from PAC

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YOURSAY | ‘Hasan should go for failing and allegedly cheating the Parliament.’
FellowMalaysian: Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua has provided an emphatic account of why Hasan Arifin has displayed gross negligence and failure in carrying out his duties and responsibilities as the Public Accounts Committee chairperson.
Hasan's insidious action and conduct in wilfully keeping the Bank Negara's April 6 letter to PAC, which disclosed their findings on the ownership status of Good Star Limited, away from the committee members is totally unacceptable.
Hasan has also resorted to giving various wimpy reasons for his actions. He claimed the deletion of statements made in the PAC report done by him unilaterally was of little significance or consequence, but Pua has subsequently debunked his claim and proved him wrong.
Vijay47: Hasan, as you may have been distracted by recent developments in your troubled PAC, it is possible that you were unable to keep up with the latest international news. Let me bring you up to speed.
An officer in the Singapore branch of BSI committed certain illegal actions for which the Singapore authorities shut down the branch. Far away in Switzerland, the BSI chairperson resigned over these crimes - crimes, I may add, for which he was not personally responsible.
Why did he do this, something which is totally inexplicable in Malaysia? For two related reasons - responsibility and accountability.
I grant that you may be unfamiliar with such attributes, but it arises out of honour, that the head accepts blame for what is done by subordinates under his watch.
In your case, you personally manipulated and concealed crucial evidence, acts for which in any other country you would be drawn and quartered. Do you have the honour to resign? Your response may be the basis of how history will judge you.
Negarawan: The Singapore prosecutors have declared that the 1MDB money laundering probe is the largest ever in city state. How is it that in Malaysia, all the probes under the PAC, the special task force, AGC, MACC, BNM and PDRM have been closed?
This glaring disparity between Singapore and Malaysia clearly shows that the Umno government has lost all its integrity and credibility. It is of no surprise that the government is internationally regarded as a kleptocracy.
Malaysia cannot afford to have alleged thieves, criminals and incorrigible liars at the helm of the government.
Pemerhati: What Pua says makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, no action can be taken against anyone who carries out allegedly crooked activities on behalf of PM Najib Razak, who has dictatorial powers.
The person in the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), who was allegedly responsible for the death of Teoh Beng Hock, did not get punished but instead got promoted.
It is likely that Hasan will also be handsomely rewarded by Najib with some ‘American pies’ and/or in some other way for his despicable behaviour, sometime in the future.
Flyingeagle: Yes, PAC members must make the collective move to demand their chief to resign with immediate effect.
In addition, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang should refer Hasan to the disciplinary committee for further actions. Malaysians do not need this type of lawmaker.
Rupert16: Najib is quick off the mark in going after the whistleblower instead of ordering an investigation on the content of the letter revealed by The Wall Street Journal.
It is blatantly obvious that he is trying to cover the truth again for he knows that the truth may implicate him. So much for his ‘nothing to hide’ boast.
Anonymous 2336891439170985: From day one, we already knew what Hasan was capable of or rather incapable of. Who planted him there? Didn't he make it clear that he was only a 'cari makan' fellow.
Versey: If Hasan knows what is accountability, responsibility and honour means, he would not have told the journalists that he too needs to ‘cari makan’.
On the other hand, isn't it precisely that it is this kind of knows-no-shame character that he was selected to this post to assist in the cover-up operation?
Most likely, he worries not if he would be legally charged for obstruction of justice and knows that the most Malaysians can do is to clench their jaws and grind their teeth with fuming rage, hence he did what he has done.
Unafraid: It is simply shocking that such unlawful practices like unilaterally tampering with official documents by the PAC chairperson can be allowed to go unpunished. Tell me, in which civilised law-abiding nation can this happen?
Truly we are degenerating into a lawless country where anything goes as long as it is sanctioned by the PM and his allegedly crooked cohorts. What is equally damning is the silence of the rest of the rest of the cabinet, the anti-corruption agencies and the police.
Are there not any righteous men left in the government? We are utterly ashamed of our government.
Headhunter: It goes to show that only dubious characters are appointed to whitewash all the dirty deeds committed by those responsible for the colossal loss suffered by the country. They are the real traitors who subject the country to ruins.
There is very little public trust now in anyone appointed by the PM to follow up on the case. Nothing short of a royal commission by selected independent members will be acceptable by the rakyat.

Mosquitobrain: Not only Hasan should go for failing and allegedly cheating the Parliament, Najib himself should lead by example.-Mkini

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