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Monday, October 31, 2016

Amanah: 'Political' suicide note man a victim of the system

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The man whose viral suicide note blaming the government of cruelty, was a "victim of the system" where justice was not fairly applied, said Amanah vice-president Mujahid Yusof Rawa.
He likened the suicide of Sukri Saad, said to be facing jail time for selling contraband cigarettes, to the self-immolation of trader Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia, which sparked the Arab Spring.
Mujahid also likened the incident to famous 1963 photograph of a Vietnamese monk who torched himself in protest against the South Vietnamese Diem regime.
"Sukri is a victim of the system. It wasn't the best way to express his disappointment but it showed how the system victimises rakyat who are trying to feed themselves, yet allowed cronies of those in power, who pillage the nation, get away scot free," he said.
He said even Prophet Muhammad said that those who let the elite go for a crime but punish the poor are condemned.
"The government leadership have yet to answer on 1MDB, the RM2.6 billion donation scandal involving the political elite and yet the people at the bottom rungs face a hard life, but the disparity continues.
"The late Sukri was among victims of political wrongdoing and growing corruption. Let there never be another Sukri Saad.
"It is time we arise from our slumber and let Sukri's message remind us of one thing - that is to save the nation!" he said.
Leaves behind wife and children
Sukri's body was found in the waters near Batu Maung, Penang on Oct 28 about one nautical mile from where he is believed from the Penang bridge.
In the lengthy suicide note which was widely spread on the Internet, Sukri, 38, said that he was being oppressed by a "cruel government", adding that he was to be charged for selling RM360 worth of contraband cigarettes.
Facing possible jail time and hefty fines, the man admitted that though he was guilty, the punishment was far too heavy for the crime.
He also compared his crime to a "director who stole millions and yet was freed on bail".
Though he was supposed to appear in court on Wednesday, he said he decided against it as he has no more money and was shouldering a lot of burden.

Instead, he said, he chose to sacrifice himself for the "oppressed" rakyat, even though he knows he might be condemned and criticised for this choice.
"I have no choice, fellow rakyat. Last night, I couldn't sleep at all.
"I can't bear to go to jail... I can't bear to burden other people by borrowing money from them.
"At first, I chose to go to jail, but my children will be known as the children of a convict," he said in the note, subsequently asking for forgiveness from his wife and children.- Mkini

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