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Sunday, October 30, 2016

For protecting MO1, Pandikar is unfit to be speaker

YOURSAY | ‘Pandikar, how is ‘everyone a disgrace’? Indulge me just a little.’
Aktan: House speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, it's certainly a disgrace for not understanding why you were criticised in the first case.
It was your conduct in the august House and nothing to do whether you came from the village or how your "members" were sneaked into Parliament.
It has to do with your sound judgement on each issue based on your neutrality and intelligence to get fair representation of both sides of the divide before a law is enacted.
Please, there is one too many AGs (attorney-generals) in this country already.
Fairman: I think what Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng said was that Pandikar did not represent a constituency like his two deputy speakers.
True, he was "elected" after a contest against retired Federal Court judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman. But was that election transparent, Pandikar?
Again, you have cast aside the constitution as Article 43(3) states that the "Cabinet is collectively responsible to Parliament" but it is the PM who is calling the shots.
Anyway, Pandikar, where is the rule of natural justice to suspend the Segambut MP without giving him the right to be heard. In fact, you have shown disrespect to Segambut voters because you do not understand what it means to be elected to the Dewan Rakyat.
I hope you stay at home and don't lead any delegation of MPs to overseas events. I dread other speakers from mature democracies will laugh at you.
Hardboiled: Pandikar, how is "everyone a disgrace"? Indulge me just a little. In your mind, this is the case because you know you don’t have much room to manoeuvre.
You know that BN is sinking ship and they are just taking as much as they can before it's gone, especially after all that has come to light in recent years.
You know that the opposition cannot make a significant difference or breakthrough simply because they don't have the numbers or the ability to work together.
And finally, you know that all the parliamentarians should be focusing on the economy but instead everyone can't do it because they are focused on the war that is Najib. Am I close?
Hang Babeuf: Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan insists that he was "not born yesterday". Now Pandikar huffs and pleads that he is not sent "from some kampung".
Why do these guys have to tell us these things? What insecurity drives their need to do so?
Are they so insecure and uncomfortable in their roles and public standing, so diffident about their capacity and knowledge (and even worthiness) to handle their positions and enjoy the prominence that comes with their responsibilities?
Gerard Lourdesamy: Pandikar, who do you exactly represent? Fifty-one percent of the voters supported the opposition in GE13 and not the BN. So clearly, you do not represent the people.
You merely represent the BN since you were voted by the majority of MPs in Parliament who are from the BN. Did you resign from Umno upon your election as speaker, which is the Westminster convention? No.
Do you protect the interests of the minority in Parliament? No. Do you act impartially and fairly in Parliament? No. Do you have a proper understanding of the Standing Orders, the practices, procedures and privileges of Parliament? No.
So why should anyone respect you as speaker? The chair is not a natural person but you are. The office of speaker is defined by the actions of the holder of that office.
In your case, you are unfit on both counts. Given your actions and conduct so far, you ought to be referred to the Committee of Rights and Privileges for abuse of power and misfeasance in public office. Period.
FairMind: Whether you are a disgrace or not, let the people be the judge. Right now, many Malaysians that I know thought that you are a disgrace and should resign as speaker of Parliament.
I'm quite certain that 30 million Malaysians and your fellow parliamentarians around the world believe that you are a disgrace too for protecting kleptocracy.
Malaccan: When a person in authority speaks and acts out of personal malice and unprofessionally, such as to exact retribution for an act outside of his area of authority, he oversteps his boundary.
It is undoubtedly the MP is a representative of his constituency and in this case the speaker is merely to manage the smooth running in the august chamber. When the speaker took the opportunity to upbraid the MP, he wasn't managing his own temper much less the chamber's business.
His temperament makes him unsuitable as the speaker. It is good when such persons in authority acts beyond himself, he should be pulled short. This is not an act of rudeness, and if it was, then, both are equally participating.
The speaker was unable to be a fair and impartial facilitator. How could he command respect?
Trueglitter: Pandikar, as Dewan Rakyat speaker, the demands for and expectations of your performance in the highly regarded position which you now hold, should not be seen comprised by biased or high-handed admonitions at particularly individuals who do not share your political ideals, as you have portrayed by your effecting the unceremonious exit of Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) during the unprecedented and unpalatable exchange of words.
Particularly at a time when the nation and its people are at the crossroads when the political landscape is so battered by much mistrust and accusations, exacerbated by the apparent misdeeds of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and ruling party, the 'tightrope' stance which you are required to adopt in order to garner the people's respect and trust should be one of fairness and impartiality.
It will do you well to be reminded that your own position, though appointed, will stay with you only when the Umno-BN is in power, but your reputation will perpetually be remembered.
Anonymous 706151436780066: To call Pandikar a disgrace may be overstating the disagreement, but the speaker has consistently shown that his decisions are not above bias.
That has become his trademark leading to the inescapable conclusion that he doesn't deserve to be respected.
Odysseus: Yes, as a speaker, it's for you to earn the respect of the MPs. You don’t go and demand respect. Neither do you go about arguing with the MPs. You should act as an honourable speaker.

Please don't act as if you are beholden to MO1. That's not the role of the speaker. The speaker is impartial. If you cannot be impartial, please resign.
Since I ask you to resign, are you going to say I’m barred from Parliament? -Mkini

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