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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Example of MO1's Struggle : "High Income Economy" GLCs Fire 6000 Mostly Malay Staff

Abdullah Badawi began the economic mismanagement of the gomen in 2003. In 2008 he lost the 2/3 majority in Parliament. MO1 took over in 2009.

Being the stupid moron that he is, MO1 did not know how to terminate Badawi's really dumb, really bodoh economic team. Instead MO1 promoted Badawi's team to even higher positions in gomen and gave them more power and positions. That was in 2009.

The economic mismanagement of the gomen not only became worse but  the team became thieves - they started stealing. We know of the outright thefts. There are also the other more nefarious methods - for example by paying themselves sky high salaries. Some GLC morons are paid up to RM250,000 per month total ! !  This is also thievery.

In the report below, the GLCs have fired about 6000 staff. This is because of their poor management skills. Thousands more people working for their suppliers, vendors and subcontractors have also lost their jobs. The total effect is more than 6000 people fired from work. And these are mostly Malays. Melayu miskin dulu.

Here is a sideways letter. Some Jabatan Tenaga Manusia fellow is saying that their training institute will NOT be taking any more students for 2016 and 2017 !!  No more money. Read for your self. 

Err..so what happens to the lecturers ? What do they do if there are no more student intakes? They will also be "fired"? Especially the contract ones.

High income economy ??   Real morons. Folks, now there is yet another Economic Transformation' program. Yup satu lagi.

No it is not TN50 or whatever. It is another one.  Depa punya bodoh tak habis. More about this later. 

This is the struggle that we are facing under MO1 today. This is 'today's struggle'.

In today's struggle under the incompetence of MO1  :

i.    7 juta Melayu jadi pengemis tunggu sedekah BR1M
ii.   200,000 graduan (Melayu) menjadi penganggur
iii. Bisnes GLC rugi atau tutup - 6000 Melayu juga kena buang kerja
iv. hospital tak cukup duit beli ubat
v.  universiti tak cukup duit mengajar kursus pengajian 
vi. jabatan kerajaan tak cukup duit buat latihan
vii. Ringgit jatuh merudum jadi RM4.18 / US$
viii. Pertumbuhan ekonomi merudum dekat 4% sahaja
ix.  Petronas rugi diseluruh dunia kecuali Afrika Selatan
x.  Kerajaan hilang lebih RM50b hilang dicuri oleh MO1

This is the "today's struggle" that we are facing.  

This struggle has been precipitated by extreme  bodoh, bangang, bengong, biul, bebal and bahalol.

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