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Monday, October 31, 2016

Rosmah’s ‘false bravado’ in Parliament

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YOURSAY | ‘Power is in their hands only because the people allow them to have that power.’
GE14Now!: PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor's answer “Yes I am (MO1’s wife)” on its own might be construed as sarcasm (although one would need to stretch one's imagination a little to accommodate that line of thinking).
But to add “You think I am scared of you” puts the so-called sarcasm in its proper context. This is no longer sarcasm - this is now a bald-faced threat. Rosmah is essentially saying, “You cannot get me anyway”.
This is a pure demonstration of what Lord Acton meant when he said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The saving grace for Malaysia is that Najib and his wife ‘think’ they have absolute power.
The day will come when they will realise that power is in their hands only because the people allow them to have it. But the tolerance of the people is now wearing really thin.
Grey Matter: Rosmah’s aide Rizal Mansor, it's you who now needs English classes. It is clear from the point of view of the public that an admission with a threat is not sarcasm.
Gerard Lourdesamy: This is the kind of arrogant statement that ensures Rosmah being universally loathed by Malaysians irrespective of their political affiliations.
If the Tanjong MP is unfit to be a member of parliament, I suggest that Rosmah contest against him in the next general election on a BN ticket. Let’s see who wins.
As for her false bravado in Parliament, why not repeat that statement in front of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) building in Washington DC?
Last I heard, diplomatic immunity does not apply to the spouse of a prime minister.
Pemerhati: Rosmah allegedly said to Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik, “You think I am scared of you?" Ng should realise that at this point in time Rosmah and PM Najib Razak are not scared of anyone.
This is because they think they can continue to stay in power indefinitely like their good friend, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, by using the monopolised media and through gerrymandering.
If for some reason this strategy does not work, then Najib has his father’s alleged May 13 strategy to fall back on.
If even that strategy does not work out, they might just fly out to some foreign country like Kazakhstan where their daughter is said to reside or perhaps even join Jho Low, their partner in the alleged billion-ringgit heist, on his luxury yacht and sail around the world to find some country that will accept them.
Trueglitter: Regrettably, the haste and passion at which the lowly and opportunistic Rizal has descended into by his attacks on Ng as 'naive' in the face of his boss' sarcasm, is extremely outrageous and impropriate to say the least.
The unconcealed brazenness for Rizal to react in such manner had only galvanised public perception of embattled Najib's apparent political vulnerability when the latter was apparently overwhelmed by the opposition MPs' collective unravelling of true identity of controversial MO1.
The alleged sarcasm by Rosmah had inevitably also attracted vehement criticisms and condemnations from the now educated public that she had unwittingly encroached upon the highly regarded House rules via her verbal and undignified utterances.
In this regard, the PM's wife would clearly be seen as blatantly callous and having absolutely no regards for the dignity and self-respect required of her position as the PM's wife.
Odin Tajué: Rizal, I don’t agree with what the Tanjong MP had done.
However, if he was naive, unqualified to be a representative or whatever as you have accused him of, then your boss ought to have demonstrated a superior intellect and possession of class, and said something to render him speechless and filled with utter shame.
Instead, she has shown herself to be no better. She has, in fact, illustrated the low mentality and arrogance of an ill-bred schoolyard bully.
I will show you what a lady had done to demolish and devastate her opponent and yet displayed that she had class, wit, and high intellect.
For you to understand the situation, I shall first inform you that in polite circles, one always gives way to a person who is older, physically or mentally disabled, or vulnerable. Of course, males always give way to females, except when the latter are denizens of the gutter and the sewer.
Sometime in 1938 in the US, an attractive young woman and her competitor (in literary endeavour), an older lady, were about to go through the front door of a quite exclusive restaurant.
The young woman gestured for the older lady to enter first and cattily said, “Age before beauty.”
The older lady did not act nor respond in a manner the uncouth and insufficiently schooled would. She simply smiled, said, “Pearls before swine,” and stepped through regally.
That response was very simple, yet it was so devastating that no rejoinder, no riposte would be possible, and it did not lower her standing even a bit.
Roger 5201: Rosmah may think she has a higher intellect compared to the DAP MP, but she is has no official appointment and is not elected by the people, whereas the Tanjong MP is.
Rizal and the party he represents are naive for believing they can hide behind MO1 forever.
Just a Malaysian: The whole democratic system was first weakened by the ‘ketuanan’ policy and upon this weaken system Najib and Rosmah stood as dictator.

The Malays are the eventual long-term victims because in their name, all types of corruption and theft occur. -Mkini

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