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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, October 30, 2016

What if Bersih were to talk about 'bathing in blood'?

YOURSAY | 'Ever since Jamal came out from lock-up, he's bolder than ever.'
Trueglitter: It is appropriate and a necessity to remind the Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos and his unruly gang that the determination of the Bersih 5 rally organisers and supporters to proceed with their march for electoral reforms and demands for PM Najib Razak's resignation on Nov 19, remains staunchly undaunted and unwavered, despite the apparent criminal intimidation from the much-despised and obnoxious red shirts group.
The right-thinking rakyat are rightly bemoaning the acknowledgement that the laws of the land have now gone to the dogs when the blatantly defiant Jamal, who is still under the process of investigations for defamation and criminal intimidation, is still allow to roam freely with his vicious pack to terrorise the peace-loving community.
Kingfisher: One is still left wandering as to what is this man's 'beef' against Bersih that he continues threatening and harassing Bersih.
Bersih has categorically "declared its mission to promote and protect good governance". In pursuit of its mission it undertakes a number of initiatives to involve a larger body of the Malaysian citizenry to adopt its objectives.
It appears that Malaysians in increasing numbers are in consent with Bersih that there is defect/deficit in good governance consequent to the dominance of inept and irresponsible elements in the political and electoral fabric nationally in recent times.
Bersih apparently has not been perceived to be a security threat to the nation nor has it propagated any revolutionary notions of replacing the legitimacy of governance under the constitution.
The red shirts and all their overt and covert supporters (if any) are obviously not in the same page with Bersih on good governance. What is their rationale on the manner of governance and why?
Pemerhati: By now many people are already aware that the IGP (inspector-general of police) is the spokesperson of the ‘sandiwara’ produced and directed by Najib and Umno with the active help and participation of the police and their many thugs such as the red shirts.
Najib and Umno from time to time let loose their thugs, who have been fed on ‘dedak’ (animal feed) to create tension and havoc. The inaction of the police during the havoc caused by the thugs and their subsequent inaction or a gentle rap on their knuckles strongly indicates that the whole thing is jointly planned and executed by Umno, their lackey police and their paid thugs.
Previously, Umno and their top leaders used to act in this shocking and disgraceful manner to polarise the people because they felt that polarisation would benefit them during the elections and now Najib has an additional reason, which is 1MDB.
Najib probably thinks that any chaos resulting from the action of the thugs will distract the people from the fact that he had allegedly stolen billions by using the 1MDB scam.
Anakraja: Selangor Umno chief Noh Omar and Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal are two sides of the same coin. Both are probably paid by Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) to create unrest so that they can use the National Security Council (NSC) Act.
All these red shirts behave like thugs and can say "bathe in blood" without consequences.
Appum: Jamal, what do you mean when you say, "bathe in your own blood...." - are your red shirts going to commit ‘harakiri’? Noh, nobody is above the law? You must be joking.
Ever since Jamal came out from lock-up, he's bolder than ever. The teh tarik there must have been really strong.
KnockKnock: "Bathed in their own blood" meant the red shirts getting covered in their own blood, not that of others. To agree to Jamal's interpretation is to assume we are doubly stupid than he.
What if Bersih chief Maria Chin Abdullah was the one who had uttered "bathed in blood"? By now, Maria would have been in a cell.
Adam Ningau: Jamal talks as if he is the police chief. The last time the Penang government had its own purple shirt volunteer security team, they were arrested and banned for all sorts of reasons.
But the red shirts seem to be legal and is acceptable nationwide.
Worldly Wise: How come the red shirts can use Dataran Merdeka to rally, but other citizens cannot? The datuk bandar of Kuala Lumpur is protecting the corrupt, it seems.
Democracy: The IGP's duty is to ensure peaceful assembly. Allowing two opposing assemblies at the same time and venue is not peaceful assembly, especially when the aim of the red shirts is against Bersih.
Bersih is not targeted at the red shirts, but against bad governance. So IGP, the solution would be to allow both assemblies, but at different venues and dates. That would be the responsible thing for the police to do.
Anonymous_1419577444: It looks like the pakciks and makciks from Felda and various villages will be making another visit to Kuala Lumpur soon.
Again, they will probably be bussed in overnight. On arrival, they will be given a red T-shirt and asked to walk some distance to some ‘padang’ (field) to hear some speeches. They will also be given a bottle of mineral water and a lunch box.
When people ask them why they are there, they would only say they were invited to KL for jalan-jalan (a tour).
Bersatu Malaysia Why does Jamal want to stop Bersih? What good reason does he have? Is he fighting against justice, clean elections, a clean government, a clean PM?

I certainly think he is a paid stooge. So do many others. Some people will do anything for money. -Mkini

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