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10 APRIL 2024

Monday, October 31, 2016

How Will Our AG's Chambers Answer This : The First 1MDB Linked Trial Has Kicked Off In Singapore

I say the penghuni of the AG's Chambers, today the first 1MDB linked trial has kicked off in Singapore. The trial is set to begin at 2:30 PM (about 35 minutes from now). Here is the Singapore Straits Times reporting on it. 1MDB mentioned all over the place. Jho Low is also mentioned.



Trial of ex-BSI banker Yeo Jiawei, 4 charges kicks off in Singapore, first in international 1MDB probe

S'PORE - trial re 4 witness-tampering charges, Mon afternoon (Oct 31) 

vs BSI banker Yeo Jiawei, key role in  money-laundering operation 
scandal-hit 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fund.

trial adjourned to 2.30pm.

  • Yeo, 33, facilitated illicit transactions involving 1MDB, led to shutdown of BSI
  • faces 11 charges - money laundering, cheating, forgery, obstruction of justice

trial on 4 charges runs thru Nov 11, District Judge Ng Peng Hong presiding

The 4 witness tampering charges  : 

  • "intentionally perverting justice" in March 
  • he told Pinto Jose Renato Carvalho to dispose laptop
  • contain evidence of Yeo's dealings with Amicorp Group
  • provides legal, corporate, secretarial support services
  • Yeo told Carvalho "not to travel to S'pore to avoid being interviewed" by CAD 
  • Yeo asked Kevin Swampillai, BSI head of wealth management on Mar 27 to lie to police that money Samuel Goh Sze-wei transferred to Bridgerock Investment, a firm Yeo controlled, was Goh's investment
  • Prosecutors said Yeo tampered with at least 5 witnesses on five occasions, including asking one to destroy evidence
  • Besides Yeo, two other former BSI employees are also facing charges. 
  • Oct 10, Yak Yew Chee and Yvonne Seah, charged with carrying out suspicious money transfers for their client Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low.
My comments : Granted the AG Apandi is a clown act. Are the rest of the AG's Chambers clowns as well?  
Is it always 'Saya menurut perintah'.  Which is quite different from 'Saya mengikut undang-undang'.

It is interesting that the Singaporeans are trying the "witness tampering" cases first. This is dancing around the big fire - which is the actual acts of money laundering.  We will have to wait longer for that one.
Yet enough juicy news will come out. For example, Yeo Jiawei 
"told Pinto Jose Renato Carvalho to dispose laptop and NOT to come to Singapore to avoid being interviewed by Singapore Police."
What information did Carvalho have which Yeo did not want Singapore Police to find out? Dont we all want to know? I think we will know by Nov 11th, 2016 ie the last day of the trial.
Malulah AG's Chambers. Singapura sudah mula bicara kes mahkamah. AG Chambers kita pula kata 'Case closed'.
Kampong betul.   

p.s. Yeo Jiawei has been in remand detention in Singapore since he was arrested on March 17th 2016.  That is seven and a half months. Yeo is perhaps the longest serving remand prisoner in Singapore. 

The Singaporeans have kept him locked up because, besides the fact that Yeo has been aggressively trying to tamper with witnesses it  is also for his own personal safety.

Yeo could get hit by a zebra at a hippo crossing.

Anyway the Court room will be packed. I am sure Hippo's agents are in the Court.

May I suggest something : start packing your things ok. Its Game Over.  

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