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Monday, October 31, 2016


first person to be tried for key role in massive money laundering linked to 1MDB

DPP Tan Kiat Pheng called trial "most complex, sophisticated and largest money laundering case handled by CAD (Commercial Affairs Division)"

staggering amounts of moneys across jurisdictions over several years

Yeo, 33 facilitated illicit transactions involving 1MDB 
led to shutdown of BSI 
faces 11 charges: money laundering, cheating, forgery, obstruction of justice.

prosecution proceeding on four charges 

remaining seven charges: cheating, money laundering, forgery to be stood down.

District Judge Ng Peng Hong presiding, to run until Nov 11

prosecution opening statement : Yeo amassed RM72m 

Yeo central role in laundering large sums of money

Yeo and Kevin Swampillai involved where fees would be shared 
between BSI and Samuel Goh Sze-Wei an associate of Yeo's.

Yeo arranged for Bridgerock Investment and GTB Investment
beneficially owned by Yeo and Swampillai respectively
to receive significant portion of fees for their own benefit
Bridgeock and GTB subject of investigations by CAD in March 

Yeo first interviewed by CAD on Oct 6, 2015, arrested on March 17, 2016.

Yeo released, conditions  dont commit offence; dont interfere with witness.

following release, Yeo took active steps to pervert justice.

he met and contacted key witnesses, hope of suppressing evidence 
pertaining to his own illicit schemes and activities," DPP Tan said.

March 27 Yeo arranged for Swampillai, Goh, himself to have a meeting 

Yeo, Goh and Swampillai discussed CAD investigations

Yeo told them to lie to CAD that funds were Goh's investments.

After BSI, Yeo continue involved illicit transactions in money laundering case

Some transactions conducted through Amicorp Group

Jose Renato Carvalho Pinto and Mun Enci Aloysius were Amicorp employees 
Yeo worried CAD would interview them.

March 2016, Yeo contacted Carvalho using "Telegram" text message 
Yeo told Carvalho to dispose of his Amicorp laptop
Yeo told Carvalho not to travel to Singapore, to avoid interviewed by CAD.

in March Yeo also used "Telegram" to instruct Carvalho to tell Aloysius to inform CAD he did not know of Yeo's dealings with Amicorp

two other BSI employees also facing charges. 

Oct 10, Yak Yew Chee, Yvonne Seah charged with suspicious transfers for Jho Low.

Kelvin Ang, broker with Maybank also charged. 
He paid research analyst to produce favourable valuation on 1MDB assets. 
Ang's pre-trial on Nov 17.

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