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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Attempt On President Duterte's Life - By pro ISIS Maute Islamists Allied To MILF (Malaysia's friends !!)

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. This thing just happened today 29/11/2016.

President's bodyguards injured in militant attack on presidential convoy

7 bodyguards, two soldiers injured in attack by Islamist militants 

ahead of his planned visit to south 

My advance party was ambushed a while ago. 
Presidential Security Group was hit by an IED, Duterte said. 

According to Defense Ministry a bomb hit convoy 
where Maute militant group (allegiance to ISIS) operated

But I'm going there. The advice was to postpone visit but I said no. 
We are taking the same route if possible, Duterte said. 

local soldiers, presidential staff members also wounded 

Philippine conducts operation in Lanao del Sur province 
300 armed militants of Maute group, controls several districts of Butig city

My comments : Who are these Maute militants? They are an offshoot of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) who also happen to be good friends with our Tan Sri Tah_Lembus and Dato Seri Tah_ Lembus in the Foreign Ministry, the MKN, the KDN etc. Recall the time wasting Moro Peace Accords that Malaysia brokered with the MILF? Thats the same folks.

Here be more news :

11 Maute bandits killed in Lanao Sur clashes —military

Published November 27, 2016 

11 Islamist Maute bandits killed in Butig, Lanao del Sur, military said Sun
Armed Forces Philippines (AFP) said 5 five wounded, clashes started Sat morn
military launched offensive after bandits occupied abandoned Butig town hall 

group's former stronghold seized by military early this year
prompted immediate military ops to dislodge lawless group. 

11 Maute Group were killed and at least [five] wounded
Residents evacuated Sat morning when firefights erupted at 10 a.m.
remaining residents to leave homes, clashes to last one week.
Maute is armed ISIS influenced rebel group 
composed of former Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas 

led by Abdullah Maute, founder of Dawlah Islamiya, or ISIS in Lanao del Sur.
Maute group hoisted ISIS flag as show of allegiance to ISIS 

and to encourage other extremist individuals to join them
part of Maute's agenda to support similar minded individuals to support ISIS
AFP will continue military offensive against Maute Group
AFP continuing action to prevent situation escalating, spilling to other areas

My comments :  This pro-ISIS, psycho stupid Maute group is made up of ex MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) fighters.  

For your information some of our Tan Sri and Dato Sri Tahi Lembus in the MOFA, MKN and KDN are very chummy with the MILF. 

Ingat lagi tak - Malaysia sponsored the Moro Peace Accords with the MILF ? 

Wasting time. Those Peace Accords are now in the tong sampah.

President Duterte is now going after the MILF affiliates like the Maute. The Maute is pro ISIS. 

Please do not say that the Maute is a breakaway faction of the MILF, they dont have any connections etc.  You cannot guarantee anything of that sort.

Lets not get involved with their internal politics.

And never formulate any policies based on religion. 
Or that those guys look as ugly as you.  

Ngko orang tak pi belajar di universiti ke?

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