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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I want to address this to those same Tan Sri Tan Sri bodoh and Dato Sri Dato Sri tah_ lembu, the morons who seem to overpopulate the kleptocratic gomen, the pro-kleptocratic Civil Service and the leadership of the country. Here is an update on the War Inside Saudi Arabia that is going terribly wrong for Saudi Arabia.

First here are four YouTube Videos from inside Saudi Arabia. 

If you want to keep up with the "War Inside Saudi Arabia, Made In Saudi Arabia, By the King of Saudi Arabia" then go to YouTube and search 

i.    'Yemen Fights Back' or 
ii.   'War In Najran November 2016' or 
iii.  Saba News (Yemen News Agency)

because for certain you will NOT see this on TV Tiga Suku or Radio TV Mangkuk.  

And if you call the Saudi embassy they will say, 'No brother, blease dont believe the Yemen beeble, they are telling the brobaganda. There is no fighting inside Saudi Arabia.'

1.  The first video here shows the Yemeni forces over running a Saudi military camp. You can see the Yemenis coolly filming the camp from a distance, then walking right into camp and seizing abandoned Humvees, an abandoned  M1 Abrams tank and multiple military and other vehicles.  Finally after the Yemenis set fire to the camp, the Saudi airforce drops a bomb, on their own military camp. 

Note that those boys are Yemeni irregulars. Not regular army. Note that they are disciplined. No rash or brash behaviours.

If the video does not pop up, here is the link : https://youtu.be/u04j4MRm06Y

Here is video No. 2.  Some scenes are  sad - there are dead bodies. This video shows the Yemenis capturing and burning a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, inside Saudi Arabia. The amount of military materiel that is being lost by the Saudis to Yemeni groundfire is enormous.

Link :  https://youtu.be/YXMeMgAhUpI

Here is video No. 3.  In this video the Yemenis attack, capture and then destroy by fire a South African made Ratel  6x6 Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Saudi Arabian Army. You can see they also captured a few Saudi Arabian soldiers. Again this is evidence of the great loss of materiel and men being suffered by Saudi Arabia INSIDE Saudi Arabia.  The Ratel 6x6  IFV costs a tidy bit more than a Proton Saga. A few million US$ a piece. Just going up in smoke and without even fighting.

Here is the last video No. 4.  Here the Yemeni forces are targetting rocket fire on what is obviously a sizeable Saudi military camp.  There are hundreds of trucks, tanks, AFVs, APCs, Humvees and 'technicals' parked in the huge desert camp. 

What should be scary for the Saudis is that the Yemenis are already positioned overlooking this Saudi camp, with their cameras running, to film the rockets and artillery falling on the camp.  And sure enough the rockets and artillery find their targets.

The Yemenis keep repeating everyday that this war was started by Saudi Arabia. This is a War of Aggression by Saudi Arabia, the richest Arab country against Yemen, the poorest Arab country in the world.  

The Yemenis have also now stated that they will NOT stop this war until they regain the provinces (or states) of Jizan, Najran and Asir which Saudi Arabia seized from Yemen eighty years ago  in the 1930s.  

The head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council warned Saudi Arabia and the United States that the country’s forces are determined to reclaim its soil, one step at a time.  Saleh Ali al-Sammad made the remarks in a Facebook post saying, sooner or later, Yemen will defeat all those who violate its sovereignty under whatever pretext, presstv reported.

Yemen will take back its soil from Al Saud and its American masters, he said.

Making things worse for the Saudis is the fact that President elect Trump is not exactly a fan of the Saudis. Not even a small one.  Mr Trump's transition team is already establishing Mr Trump's policy initiatives in private meetings with Russia and the EU. They have been very busy.  Saudi Arabia has not been consulted yet.

Conclusion: I think many camels in Saudi Arabia will be shitting enough bricks to rebuild the pyramids all over again. 

You live by the sword, you will die by the sword.
You play with fire, you will get burned by fire.
You worship the shaytan, the shaytan will sit on your head 
and lead you straight to the fire. 
This is what is happening to Saudi Arabia.

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