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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Umno's fingerprints in Parliament, Komtar fracas

YOURSAY | ‘Why didn't police arrest the rowdies for disturbing an art exhibition?’
Anonymous 122461436161429: As all Malaysians are noticing and observing, lawlessness is the norm now under the governance of PM Najib Razak and his merry goons.
These Umno goons think they can injure destroy, threaten and hurt people and get away with it.
Mr IGP (inspector-general of police), where are you? Still arresting Bersih supporters while real crimes are being committed all around the country?
Tholu: All the acts of violence and harassment are happening because of the elegant silence of MO1 (Malaysian Official 1).
What kind of a leader who sits idly by without chastising his party members while the hooligans go on a free rampage to create trouble and cause bodily harm to others?
For all I know he could have quietly acquiesced these acts by his Umno members to cover up the truth about his alleged involvement in the 1MDB mega scandal.
Old Planter: Yes, really shameful behaviour especially coming soon after the fracas at Parliament.
And unfortunately, there is no surprise at the commonality of the uncouth groups and their links with the main party in government.
The impression that such thuggery is allowed for these people must be dispelled by the police immediately to prevent further similar incidents which blacked our country's reputation and attraction as a place to invest and visit.
Vijay47: I don't think even a single one of us ever imagined that we would see the collapse of this country in our lifetime. Yet not only are we now witness to it, we can see its facets on a daily basis and the final destruction is heading for an overnight conclusion.
The Jamals, ministers' offspring, Umno Youth thugs, they are nothing, misguided imbeciles who are not even aware that they are mere tools within the greater evil of individuals supreme in Umno.
Maybe it is a question of sheer survival - the day Umno finally disintegrates will be the day of reckoning when total loss of ill-gotten wealth and long spells in jail loom.
Politicians aside, the head of almost every pivotal national institution is involved in this malignancy.
What is remotely surprising is that of them, all given to public concern for race and religion, not one is of honour and honesty enough to abandon their role in this betrayal.
We can only hope that even now, repentance and atonement would not be too late.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: What is going on with these Umno people? They are proving to be a bunch of uncontrolled hooligans, bent on inflicting violence on every one and anybody they deem to be against them.
How can they be trusted with any decisions on how this country is run?
Inworldnotof: So Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, how? This has nothing to do with you, of course.
But who is untying the leash that is supposed to hold these young people in containment of constructive energy for common well-being of rakyat and nation-building, but instead allows them to set upon others with destructive intents?
Episode after episode. Elegant silence equals tacit condoning.
Dingy: Why didn't police arrest these rowdies for disturbing an art exhibition? Police non-action is the reason these Umno youth are so arrogant and they think they can do what they like.
The same happen at the parliament on Thursday.
Anonymous 1230461438193244: Yesterday there was 'rioting' in Parliament and today this. What next?
Anarchy will follow suit in due course if the authorities do not nip it in the bud now. But then again, who are the authorities and who do they take their orders and instructions from?
Senyum Kambeng: The Umno samsengs attacked cartoonist Zunar and then lodged police report to protect themselves.
So, is it all right for us to invade Utusan Malaysia and tear down the place because it has insulted the non-Malays?
Drngsc: Dear police, is Zunar's exhibits against the law? If Zunar's exhibits are not against the law, then the police must protect Zunar's events since it was done with permission of the owners of the place.
How can you allow gangsters to tell you what is legal and what is not? It does not matter if these goons are from Umno or not.
You, the police, are duty bound to protect Zunar, or accept that this is lawlessness, where vigilantes enforces the law as they wish.
Enggang: You know that Umno is rotten to the core when you see ordinary Umno members go to great lengths to defend their allegedly corrupt No 1 leader. They try to defend the indefensible.
The whole world knows that MO1 has allegedly siphoned billions of ringgit of 1MDB money and deposited it into his personal account. The Singapore court had found wrongdoings in the form of money laundering, yet these Umno samsengs are in denial mode.
Umno is no longer struggling for the 'race, religion and nation’, but only to keep its president in his position. The Umno party is damaged beyond repair and all right-thinking Malays should reject the party outright at the next GE14.
Light: Unbelievable! The audacity of making a police report right after a fracas that they themselves had caused and with a warning of more harm to come.
What are the authorities waiting for is a question that begs an answer. Who are these people anyway? How could they become so emboldened?
Anonymous_1371547149: Our police accept reports from gangsters against their victims.

Only in Malaysia, are we living in a universe where wrong is right, corruption is fine and speaking up is terrorism.-Mkini

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