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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Not Malaysians But Malays Underestimate The Trouble Their Country Is In

The following is reproduced from The Thingy. 

The Thingy is commenting on an article about Malaysia and the 1MDB scandal again in the latest issue of The Economist magazine.

Referring the 1MDB scandal, the increasingly oppressive and kleptocratic gomen, the deteriorating gomen financial situation, the failing economy, the crashing Ringgit and other disasters affecting Malaysia, the Economist's headline says that  "Malaysians Underestimate The Trouble Their Country Is In".

Well first off, I want to correct this headline. It really should be "Malays Underestimate The Trouble Their Country Is In".  Or at least a very large number of Malays. 

Because very large numbers of non Malays especially Chinese, Indians and others have better understood what is going on in the country than a larger number of Malays. There are simple reasons for this. Do read on. Lets gain a better understanding. Maybe something good will come out of this.

First here is The Thingy and The Economist:  

"Malaysians Underestimate The Trouble Their Country Is In" - The Economist Spells It Out Over The 1MDB Issue

29 November 2016

Note : See the last line 
in the last para (bottom right above) 'Rural ethnic Malays, a crucial constituency, feel that this scandal is a remote affair."


Tainted analysts with vested interests in corruption 
trying to talk up the ringgit.
But, it isn’t working

Excuses for decline of currency : ‘Trump Effect’
everyone knows real problem is ‘Najib/1MDB Effect’.

dire state of ringgit disguised by Najib’s tame BNM Governor

wasting reserves by throwing huge sums buying Ringgit 
everyone else is sensibly selling Ringgit

Governor made it worse by lecturing banks to stop frantic selling

thereby proving desperate nature of ringgit crisis

no one wants to invest in a country run by criminals

locking up people in arbitrary fashion 
for complaining rule of law not being upheld

No one wants to invest in a country 

where all respectable people unite 
to codemn a thief Prime Minister
who refuses to quit office

Malaysia a country where a kleptocrat remains in office

who on earth feels their money safe under a thief and corrupted cohorts
they make and break rules to  slap down anyone who points out truth

UMNO controls local media, goons living in mental bubble

convinced with their crackdown, order will reassert itself in their favour

Najib may succeed to hold on to power 

price will be tumbling ringgit and poverty for all

Nov 26th 2016

40,000 people gathered in KL Nov 19th, to protest corruption, impunity in govt. 

police arrested Maria Chin Abdullah, who organised the event. 
placed in solitary confinement 
this marked a fresh low

Maria held under anti-terrorism law 

real reason was to stifle outrage over 1MDB

Elsewhere scandal would have sparked swift change in govt. 

UMNO in power for six decades, enjoys support from ethnic-Malay majority
some of whom resent ethnic-Chinese and Indian compatriots. 

UMNO has many ways to protect leaders from internal revolts
Najib purged critics, delayed parliamentary investigation
replaced AG preparing charges against him

No one in M'sia charged over 1MDB’s missing billions

court prison sentence for opposition politician who divulged efforts to hush up 
editor, publisher of independent news organisations face jail 
competitor closed in March after authorities ordered website blocked

UMNO carelessly widening Malaysia’s ethnic and religious splits

intensify sharia to bolster support from Malay Muslims  
failed to condemn pro-government gangs who menace Chinese 

leaders paint ethnic Malays as victims of sinister conspiracies
dangerous rumour-mongering in a country defined by racial violence

Easily broken, hard to fix

foreign investors growing rattled

ringgit depreciated faster than other currencies 
asked foreign banks to stop ringgit trading abroad, raising fears 

Rural ethnic Malays feel 1MDB scandal is remote affair

Even some educated urbanites still favour Najib  
underestimating damage being done by scandal 

rot eating M'sia harming international standing, economic prospects

BNM worried about sharp drop in Ringgit exchange rate
beset by financial malfeasance, currency unusually skittish (see chart).

BNM has determined policy of “non-internationalisation”. 

prohibits trading of ringgit assets outside of its jurisdiction.

My comments :
Rural ethnic Malays feel scandal is remote affair
Even some educated urbanites still favour Najib  
underestimating damage being done by scandal 

A friend of mine met his old school mate (Malay) who is a professor of chemistry at a gomen university. The professor guy said with much skepticism, 'Betulke 1MDB ini?'  So are we surprised if our local university grads are so dumb that they cannot even get a basic job ? Professor pun bodoh. Even a chemistry professor was not able to decipher the 1MDB thievery. 

This is a direct result of the education system. Plus a lot of this material about 1MDB is in English and also requires a proper understanding of English as well as basic business ideas to be able to understand the thievery that is going on. So the thieves know that without proper education, without knowing some English and without understanding basic business, the average Malay will not understand much about this.

As far as the kampong Malays are concerned just forget about them. They will not understand anything about 1MDB, British Virgin Islands or Cayman Islands. Try explaining to them fake companies like Aabar and Goodstar. Haram tak faham apa pun.  

Then you have the UMNO guys. They are all in the Jamban category.  Jamban is merely the street agitator version of what represents the average UMNO thinking today.  

UMNO controls local media
goons living in mental bubble
convinced crackdown will re-establish order in their favour
in power for six decades, support from ethnic-Malay majority
some of whom resent ethnic-Chinese and Indian compatriots. 

leaders paint ethnic Malays as victims of sinister conspiraciesintensify sharia to bolster support from Malay Muslims  

My comments :

The UMNO supporter fears that his future and his livelihood will be threatened if this 1MDB scandal causes UMNO to lose power.

They fear the Chinese and other races will displace them in getting jobs, getting affordable houses, getting a better education, driving better cars, living a better life. 

Hence they want to keep supporting thieves, come what may.

But arent those things that they fear already happening to the Malays?

1. Jobs : Malays cannot get jobs now. Graduate engineers are selling nasi lemak by the roadside. Who put them by the roadside? The Chinese?  

The mamak fellow cheated all the simple Malays  by creating the idea of high income economy. That was a farce. The GLCs were told to pay their (Malay) staffs high salaries. Telephone receptionists were paid RM3000. In the real world, Chinese companies were paying their new graduate staff, including Chinese, just over RM2000.  So the 'high income economy' was the mamak fellow's trick to lull the Malays. Easier to songlap on the side. 

2. Affordable housing : Malays cannot get affordable housing anywhere. DBKL has sold plenty of land banks to developers, usually UMNOputra kleptocrats who resold the land to Chinese developers.  New apartments in Bangsar South and Pantaihillpark (aka Kampong Kerinchi) are now launched at RM750 psf. DBKL land in Pantai Dalam (almost 1000 acres) was sold to UMNOputras who sold the land to a Chinese developer who is the master developer in Pantai Dalam. Ex DBKL land.  

Now they have launched at RM750 psf. Selling very well. Mostly non Malay buyers. The Malays who lived in Pantai Dalam can go and 'duduk atas pokok lah' -  according to one of my customers.

3. Better education :  Pi dah mabuk.  Orang bodoh masuk sekolah bila keluar boleh jadi pandai. Now it is the other way around. Orang bodoh masuk sekolah, bila keluar jadi lagi bodoh.

Last time, we recognised that the kampongs were not conducive to creating a modern, scientific, progressive bumiputra race. So the gomen created the brilliant idea of the sekolah asrama or boarding school where Malay kids were removed from the backward kampong culture (illogical beliefs, fear of hantu, black magic, overdose of religion, speaking one language only, stifling traditions and poor cultural influences) and put them into a boarding school system (sekolah asrama penuh) where the young Malay kids were exposed to a modern, progressive, scientific environment. They could think, talk, question, have the freedom to participate in many activities. Most importantly they benefited greatly from a multi racial and multi cultural teaching staff.

Now all that has changed. The kampong has re-invaded the sekolah asrama penuh.  Maktab Ulul Al Bab are actually sekolah pondok disguised as a sekolah asrama penuh. The village has taken over the boarding school.  

The boarding school is now mono lingual, mono cultural, highly religiously inclined (which means they are highly illogical). 

Shall we talk about our universities? Do you recall the Anti Hysteria Kit? Who created the Anti Hysteria Kit? The Chinese? 

Did you know that FIVE graduates of that university lost their interview with an American company when they announced their anti hysteria kit? So who do you blame? The Zionists?

So who do you blame?
4. Better cars :  A small Volkswagen Beetle costs RM140,000 !! 

In America the same car costs less than RM100,000 - at RM4.40 to the USD. 

Here even a tin can Proton Saga costs RM34,000. A tin sadin Proton Iriz costs over RM50,000 ! ! 

So who makes the cars so expensive in Malaysia? The Chinese again? 

Here is a real story.  If you dont have APs a Rolls Royce costs about RM900,000. Now more lah - after the Ringgit collapsed.    But with AP, the same car sells for almost RM2.0 million at 'Pengimpot Kereta Tan Sri AP'. 

I know a clever guy who employs some foreign workers (as security guards, penjaga bangunan etc). So he got one of his employees to register himself in the Malaysia My 2nd Home program.  Each of these MMSH people are given TWO free APs to import cars.  So using his 'pekerja asing' as a Malaysia My 2nd Home applicant, my friend imported an expensive luxury car.  At 1/3 the price here in Malaysia.

So there are ways for the clever and the rich to find loopholes in the rules. 

5. Better quality of life : Are the Malays enjoying a better quality of life now? I dont think so.  Jamban things he is living in paradise.  Maybe other Malays may agree.  Try crawling out ok. There really is another world out there.

The false religion is choking them. The fake religion of PAS, of the Salafis and the 'hisap  _e_ek' jokes of the ostard wal retards  is making the Malays dumb beyond dumb.  

Who do you blame? The Chinese? The Zionists? The girl in the Tin Susu Cap Junjung?

                            Tak tutup aurat pun ! Jadah betul ! Pi tangkap dia.

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