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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Dear Ms. Rewcastle,
I am writing this open letter to you as I assume it was you who issued a rebuttal of sorts – if we can at all call it a rebuttal – against The Blair-Rewcastle multifaceted complicity to destroy 1MDB, an article I wrote that was featured by Malaysia Today yesterday, the 28th of November 2016 (READ HERE).
First and foremost, I’d like to make it clear that in the future, I expect you to address me as The Third Force – which basically, is what I am – and not RPK, Gandhi, Goliath, Julius Caesar, or by any other name you probably are inclined to pluck from your sick and twisted mind.
And just so that we’re clear, I am not RPK, but Raggie Jessy, and am on a mission to clean the mess you littered the Malaysian conscience with. Ergo, you might say I am about to become your worst nightmare.
Now, I assume it was you who published the aforementioned rebuttal in Sarawak Report, which to me and many sound minded Malaysians is nothing but a ‘fake news channel’. After all, you are without a doubt the portal’s prime mover, and it is only logical for me to assume that you are behind the rebuttal.
That said, I would like to bring to your attention a couple of things:
1. In your rebuttal, you stated that your husband, Andrew Brown, had retired a year ago from EDF Energy. You also stated that Andrew is someone “known to moan to those who know him that his wife always does precisely as she likes and he cannot guide her”.
Well, what’s your point? What does the fact that Andrew has retired (as you claim) or can’t control you (which, to me, is pure hogwash) have to do with my article? Can you be a little specific? I’m in the dark, as I think are most Malaysians. We certainly would like to hear from you on this matter.
2. Is it a coincidence that the Malaysia Chronicle, another fake news portal run by Tian Chua and his mistress, came out with a rebuttal of sorts that was titled Rosmah at it again? Ex-British PM’s sister in-law accuses Rosmah of using fugitive blogger to malign her husband, right around the time you did? Can you affirm the content of Tian Chua’s posting and come out publically to declare that you think it was Rosmah who put me up to this?
3. Incidentally, does the timing with which the Tian Chua’s article rolled out not prove a complicity between you and him to tarnish the name of Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak and members of his family, which basically is what I said in my article?
The sordid stench of your intrigues seems to stink right beneath my nostrils, Clare. I am anticipating a reply from you on the matters stated above herein, and will sign off by saying this – fear, fear the skeletons of your past misdeeds that I am about to set loose. Fear them as they come creeping out of your closet and into your conscience to haunt you.
Fear them lots, Ms. Clare Rewcastle Brown.
The Third Force
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