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10 APRIL 2024

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Indonesian claims lost four teeth, ears ripped by Malaysian employer

The woman, who did not have a work permit, was rescued by police after she sent note to a neighbour, says Jakarta Post report.
KUALA LUMPUR: An Indonesian worker has alleged that she was badly abused by her Malaysian employer, according to a report in the Jakarta Post.
Meriance Kabu, who came to Malaysia on a travel visa, lost four teeth, her tongue had been severed and her ears ripped, according to the report.
“Her nose was often beaten until swollen and her head and lips were beaten, alongside other forms of abuse,” the Jakarta Post quoted Rev Emmy Sahertian, the head of the Women’s Network of East Indonesia, an NGO concerned with migrant protection, as saying.
Emmy and East Nusa Tenggara Migrant Workers Union leader Maria Hingi accompanied Mariance and her husband Kafinus Tefa, from Kupang, to lodge a report at the East Nusa Tenggara police station.
The Jakarta Post report said following the physical abuse Meriance had written a note to a neighbour asking for help. She was rescued by police after the neighbour reported the matter.
No charges were pressed against her employer as Meriance had allegedly violated immigration laws by not possessing a work permit, the report said.
According to Maria, the victim had at one point undergone treatment at a Malaysian hospital and had been interviewed by the Malaysian police.
The report said the Indonesian Embassy here reportedly told the family that Meriance’s employer would not be charged.
“The investigation by the Malaysian police had not provided legal certainty for the family. On behalf of the family, I want the Indonesian Embassy to figure out why Meriance’s employer has been labelled innocent. Evidence of torture is clear,” Maria told the Jakarta Post.
The report added that thousands of workers had been sent to Malaysia from Kupang without proper permits, causing many to fall victim to trafficking and severe abuse at the hands of their employers.
Emmy said Meriance was taken to Malaysia by a recruitment agency.
Police spokesman Jules Abas was quoted as saying investigations had started and that they would question witnesses in Malaysia. -FMT

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