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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Look who’s seeking to undermine parliamentary democracy

YOURSAY | ‘It’s mob rule when this can happen in an august place like Parliament.’
Aries46: Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad must be commended for standing up for the dignity of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok from Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s bravado of targeting female MPs for his insults, and Khalid need not apologise as he has not said anything wrong.
Khalid was not off the mark in branding him “sial” as Tajuddin has lived up to it in engaging goons to harm the former, that too in Parliament grounds.
It will be interesting how the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) handles this daring daylight crime in a high security area. Hopefully not a ‘slap in the wrist’.
These are the real threat to Parliament not those who campaign for free and fair elections.
Nevertheless, as an Umno minister representing a largely rural Malay electorate, Tajuddin’s uncouth behaviour is reflective of the cabinet, his party and his electorate as he claims that the goons that included his son were from his constituency.
Trueglitter: Contrary to the much-admired inherent virtues of most peace-loving Malays, the conspicuous notoriety of the defiant and shameless deputy minister Tajuddin, along with his son, have smothered the highly-regarded perception when they had menacingly emerged with their rowdies and launch their physical attacks on Khalid outside the Parliament lobby.
The aggression of such magnitude by outsiders at an elected parliamentarian is an absolute disgrace and unacceptable act which PDRM would be require to investigate and the perpetrators apprehended.
Our society should not be cowered and allow "might to triumph" when the utterly irresponsible Tajuddin is able to get away from insulting DAP lawmaker Teresa without being made to apologise for his rudeness.
Admittedly, PM Najib Razak should be held equally responsible for emboldening his Umno men in hope of being his "attack dogs" to ensure a delay to his own imminent political demise.
Ferdtan: If the police do not step in to arrest these troublemakers, it means that anarchy is at the doorstep of democracy.
It also means that the police have lost control, and mob rule has reigned when it can happen in an august place like Parliament.
Anonymous_1388029052: If the father is uncouth and uncultured, what do you expect the son to be? He can’t be a well-mannered, kind, peaceable and loving person, can he?
This is a reflection of very poor family upbringing.
Roger 5201: Yes, like father like son, except instead of talking vulgar, the latter gets physical
Ericlcc: Is this freedom to assault elected MPs in the compounds of Parliament also part and parcel of speaker's parliamentary reforms?
Vijay47: Viewed in isolation, it would seem that recent events were the actions of crude uneducated individuals who felt they would not be answerable to the law, an understandable confidence.
Classic examples would be Ali Tinju, Jamal Md Yunos, Nazri’s son, and the latest, Tajuddin's son. Every single one of them ran afoul of the law and yet remains free as a carrion bird.
But they are mere symptoms of more serious maladies, I fear the situation is much worse than what these pitiable creatures display, these events are indications that the entire structure of the code that should guide a government is steadily unravelling and disintegrating.
Even leaving aside the utter imbeciles who lurk within the ruling party, if we consider the statements and conduct of almost every principal officer in the administration including the political realm, when we see the behaviour of the prime minister, his deputy, the Parliament speaker, the attorney-general, that IGP, the head of the Elections Commission, and lately even the auditor-general, we witness total disregard of the honour of their position, respect of the law, fairness and justice, sheer decency, or the acknowledgement that perhaps they are accountable to a higher authority if not their own self-respect.
Tajuddin keeps repeating justification for his offensive comments in Parliament, despite knowing full-well that his defence is so fraught with contradictions, falsehood, and absurdity that no one would believe him.
But why should he do otherwise, he of Umno loftiness? He knows that tomorrow others of like mentality would without the least shame rush to his defence even as they scream purity of race and religion.
Yes, why should any one of them behave in any manner different from what they are accustomed to? Nothing would happen to them, they are Umno and accordingly, beyond the pale of accountability.
Unafraid: It's a sad reality that a vast majority of our ministers and deputy ministers are substandard. Their behaviour and speeches leave a lot to be desired. They do not have the calibre befitting that of respectable honourable ministers who can gain the respect of the people.
The deputy minister in question is certainly one of those who have shamed the office to which he was elected by the people in his constituency. To resort to violence to intimidate others is to sink to lowest of the low.
They might as well put on a red shirt and make a fool of themselves.
Anonymous 1689721435778173: "He also described it as a matter of "pride and dignity" after Khalid called him "sial" (damned), adding that insulting him in the House was akin to insulting his constituency."
What stupid logic is that? Isn't this typical of Umno? From the top leaders to thugs like Jamal - it won't be long for Tajuddin to take it to another level.
Insulting him (although fitting and deserving on his part to be insulted because of his uncouth behaviour) is insulting all Malays or even all Muslims. We have heard this countless times before.

Léon Moch: By Tajuddin's logic, Seputeh people should be attacking him at the Parliament to defend Teresa?- Mkini

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