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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Malays lose too if Umno falls, says Umno executive secretary

Malays stand to lose their dignity and sovereignty (kedaulatan) if Umno were to fall, the party’s executive secretary Ab Rauf Yusoh is reported as saying.
The portal Umno Online quoted him as saying that Malays are now in crisis, and their political power and special rights could be jeopardised if no action is taken.
“Some quarters claim that Umno is now undergoing a crisis of trust and division among the Malays, but in reality it is Malays themselves who are having this crisis.
“Malay political strength now appears to be split to the extent that Malays could become a minority in terms of political power, even though we form the majority in this country; yet many don’t realise this,” Rauf is reported to have said at a party function at PWTC last night.
“If Umno were to fall, it is not Umno alone that falls but also the dignity and sovereignty of Malays themselves, when the ruling political power is no longer the majority of this race,” he added.
Rauf reportedly said this in response to a question from a delegate from the Umno Overseas Club. His comments came on the eve of the 2016 Umno general assembly, which kicks off today.
Rauf reportedly urged the youths, particularly university graduates who would be the party’s future leaders, to fend off attacks by ‘certain quarters’ to divide Malay political power.

He reminded them that they are now enjoying the fruits of Umno’s labour in upholding Article 153 of the Federal Constitution to defend the special position of the Malays, such as in terms of access to education facilities.
Therefore, if the youths of today do not defend what has been achieved by their predecessors, then it is possible for them to lose these rights, and this cannot be enjoyed by future generations, he is reported to have said.
“Thus, it is the responsibility of the young generation today, who had been provided with a good education to defend the struggles of their predecessors, to ensure that future generations will enjoy and defend what they had fought for,” Rauf is quoted as saying.- Mkini

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