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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Amanah Youth: Restrict those who want to promote Israel in Malaysia

The government should restrict those who openly promote a pro-Israel campaign in Malaysia, said Amanah Youth chief Hasbie Muda.

“If the person has a different stand, that is something we cannot restrict. But if the person openly promotes Israel, we should restrict him or her,” he told Malaysiakini.

Hasbie said this in response to American professor Bruce Gilley, who courted flak for accusing Malaysian leaders of promoting a second Holocaust against the Jewish people during a talk at Universiti Malaya.

Although UM has apologised, Hasbie lamented that the university failed to screen the academic before inviting him to speak at its campus.

Quizzed on World Uyghur Congress chairperson Omer Kanat’s presence in Malaysia since he had condemned Hamas over its Oct 7 attack, the Amanah leader said he was disappointed with such a stand.

“Because this Uyghur organisation is one that fights for justice, supposedly oppressed by China and so forth.

“However, in this case, their tone is different. They suddenly support the oppressors and this is certainly disappointing to us in Malaysia because we are also among the global community that is deeply concerned about their fate.

“We condemn the stance taken by the leader of this Uyghur group,” he added.

According to a report in the Uyghur Times, several Uyghur groups had condemned the Oct 7 incident as a terror attack.

“It is horrifying to see the deliberate, brutal attacks on civilians, including women, men, and children, by Hamas. UHRP stands with all victims of atrocities and violence,” Omar was quoted as saying. - Mkini

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