KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 — DAP national publicity secretary Teo Nie Ching has today reminded politicians to join the Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB) by-election campaign in a healthy manner rather than flaming racial sentiment.

Teo, who’s also the Kulai MP, directed her remark to PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, who has shifted his attack to questioning Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Pang Sock Tao’s vernacular school background instead.

“Perhaps YB Pasir Mas is not comfortable that [Sock Tao] is studying at a SJK(C). However, there are also leaders from PAS who send their children to SJK(C), like many other Malay parents. Sending children to any type of school is the choice of every parent,” she said in a statement, referring to Chinese national primary schools.

“I am also convinced that every parent wants the best for their children, especially in education. So, wherever a person acquires knowledge, it is certainly the best decision made by parents. So, I hope YB can respect the choice of their respective parents.”

“For the by-election this time, I hope that all candidates and leaders regardless of party can campaign in a healthy manner and set good examples, so that this country continues to remain harmonious in diversity,” the deputy communication minister added.

The question over the academic qualifications of KKB candidates started when Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) Khairul Azhari Saut’s qualifications was scrutinised.

In an election poster, the Hulu Selangor Bersatu acting chief listed that he had an “executive diploma” in management from University of Malaya in 2019 and an “executive master” of business management from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in 2021.

Khairul told his sceptics that his tertiary education qualifications were obtained locally and could be easily checked with the universities directly.

Ahmad Fadhli then challenged the PH’s candidate to share her SPM and UPSR examination results, saying it “would be interesting to know”.

Posting on her social media account, Pang published both of her examination transcripts, in which she scored 10 As in her SPM examination and seven As in UPSR.

Hours later, Ahmad Fadhli “apologised” for his action, but claimed that Pang has now “revealed” that she went to a SJK(C).

In February, the Federal Court in a majority decision rejected two non-governmental organisations’ application for leave to appeal against a previous court ruling which found vernacular schools to be constitutional, which means the existence of vernacular schools in Malaysia continues to remain legal. - malaymail