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Monday, April 29, 2024

Budding entrepreneur wonders if one needs “to fake it till he makes it” by driving a Merc, wear Rolex


MANY business folks firmly believe in the old adage that “you only get one chance to create the right first impression” as a post on the Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in Malaysia Facebook seem to suggest.

Facebook user Tun Dogster Lee postulated that he had felt more assured buying medical insurance from well-decked out individuals. He further added that his friends have been urging him to invest in a luxury vehicle to give off a façade of entrepreneurial success.

His query whether he needed to “fake it till he made it” elicited many responses. Here is a sample:

With more than a few pointing out that if the poster was going to take this approach, he will need to ensure it is “visible”.

Some said there was nothing wrong with having something to aim for.

With some agreeing with the sentiment that businesspeople need to project the right image.

Some said it was just a ‘state of mind’ that could lead to disastrous consequences.

While others said a business approach based on hard work and humility would be better.

With ‘honesty’ and ‘class’ being highlighted as more important attributes.

Many were quick to point out that a car was a depreciating asset.

Some netizens said that appearances can be deceiving when in fact many real tycoons were usually clad in down-to-earth apparels.

One netizen’s cheeky reply drew plenty of ‘laughing’ emojis in response.

While another simply suggested that the poster change his circle of friends for advocating getting into debt this early in one’s career.

One netizen’s cautionary tale drawn from first-hand experience highlighted the danger of taking this luxury lifestyle approach.

Another provided sound advice by suggesting the poster invest in himself, perhaps via education courses.

In the end, one netizen’s simple advice to live within one’s means was probably the soundest of the lot.


- Focus Malaysia

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