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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Comedian Douglas Lim highlights the ludicrousness of blaming the DAP for everything


Ni semua salah DAP (This is all the fault of the DAP) …”

Whatever the social ill, it is a convenient excuse for some to simply lay the blame at the door of DAP. After all, the party is home to descendants of communist and separatist ‘Type Cs’ if a certain learned doctorate degree holder is to be believed.

That familiar sentiment was mocked by comedian Douglas Lim in his latest video which he shared on his social media platforms. In it, he assumes the persona of radio DJ Ha Lim of the fictional station Aduh FM who takes a call from regular listener Kipitriel.

The irate caller claimed that the reason for Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) victory in the recent Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB) state by-election was because of the pro-DAP tunes constantly being played by the DJ.

Flummoxed by the claim, DJ Ha Lim denies this saying Aduh FM has never played songs affiliated to the DAP or any other political entity for that matter. Arguing his case, Kipitriel proceeds to highlight the tunes which he perceived to have subliminal messages praising the DAP.

This hilariously included Phil Collins singing about DAP Puchong MP Yeo Bee Yin whose name rhymes with the song You be in My Heart to Europe’s anthemic Final Countdown celebrating “going to Venus” which is only possible on “a rocket” (DAP’s party symbol).

Lim seems to have the knack for capturing the zeitgeist as the many comments on his X (formerly Twitter) page highlight. Here is a sample of the feedback to his latest slab of satire.

Some highlighted to the opposition this is how to do satire which can be a very useful weapon when trading political barbs.

Some even chipped in with song suggestions for the skit.

Another observed Lim’s firm grasp of the national language which allowed him to nail the persona of a DJ on a Malay-language network.

The skit obviously highlights the utter silliness of it all but the reality is that many citizens still swallow such excuses when trotted out by an intellectually-bankrupt opposition bloc.

If all this sounds too much like a pro-DAP piece, it is not. Rather it is to highlight that there are countless pertinent issues that need addressing instead of constantly trying to colour everything in racist tones.

The opposition is doing a desperately poor job if this is all it can harp on. The unity government is far from perfect and there should be plenty of ammunition for opponents to legitimately attack.

If PAS, Bersatu et al want to gain credibility with a younger and increasingly sophisticated electorate, it needs to ditch these hackneyed and tired tactics. Lest it wants to appear as deluded and out-of-touch as Kipitriel. – Focus Malaysia

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